21 June 2012


I do not like the term "born again" or even "reborn" ~ that being said, I love the idea (there it is in itself) that every moment is an opportunity to create a new light/life/consciousness within your heart. "Eternal Photon"... ? Is the mind a conduit that should be left empty in order for the Love to be welcomed into your Being? Emptying the mind is a challenge unto each individual. I believe it would be wise to urge you to meditate and do yoga as much as possible for, in conjunction with healthy eating and the overall nutritional life (which may include dietary and medicinal plants such as cannabis, mushrooms or ayahuasca), laughter, love, and intimacy/sex bring a holistic foundation for bliss.

Then we have this man. Bill Donahue. This is his website: ~ Believe what you will, but if you need or want to sit in front of a television or computer screen anytime soon, PLEASE watch AT LEAST this video. I love his words and intent. It sets me free and empowers my soul. I cannot put into words really, the love I feel when getting into this zone he creates. A hero in my heart... this first short video is Bill and his wife Joan, explaining how they started (please go to the website and read his story before you make any judgements)
Bill uses all knowledge and wisdom he can to paint pictures that are cradles for one's soul as it exists in this consciousness realm. Yoga, Astrology, Pineal Gland, Meditation, Krishna, Buddha, Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Kabala, Judaism, UFOs, Kybalion (, Babylon, Thoth/Hermes, Ancient Egypt, Sumerian, and the list goes on. Practice the single-eye consciousness... cast your energy to the right side!

Before the "heavy" stuff, let's get into something that BINDS US ALL! WATER!!! The source of all life? Well, if you think water is solar light in liquid form... liquid photon? Then water is... well, we all have different feelings about that aspect of water, but we can ALL agree that water is the clear stuff we drink to stay hydrated. Simple. EVERYONE drinks water. This next couple paragraphs are for EVERYONE and specifically the adults and parents who have the power and influence to make water that is as clean and healthy as possible, a big part of their life and the one's they are responsible for's life. Please take a second to read. Thanks!

"I believe I am on a mission to present the means for my fellow humans to realize the height of the most grand, energy-filled, lovely clean WATER! is my new blog to help distribute New Millennium Concepts, LTD's "Berkey Water Purification Systems & Elements" ~ a line of water units and much more. For now, please take note that this is a portal of contact in order for you to get this next phase going. Like everything, change starts within our hearts and then minds, so I will understand doubt and skepticism. I am road-proven and can take any answer, question, or criticism. I am a military veteran who has been around the globe and tasted many of waters. I study the human body and have past graduated with a degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis on Alcohol, Drugs, Pharmacology, & Counseling, which lead me to understand our body's need for a healthy, holistic environment to thrive in. Also, I am a decade-long student of Bikram Yoga, so I drink enormous amounts of water. I believe I was blessed with more experience than the average Joe when it comes to water. Oh, and I am a water sign, Scorpio, if that matters to anyone :) ~ That being written, the BEST WATER on Earth now comes out of a "Black Berkey" carbon filter with additional Fluoride/Arsenic filters attached. I have never heard anyone say that it wasn't delicious and that they did not notice a difference for the better. And it's "Best" as in the best sourced as coming out of faucets first; some natural pristine springs are probably still best, but who knows if those still exist? I'd love to hear of some if you care to share!

I offer FREE assistance for you to custom fit any combination of systems, shower filters, sport portable water bottles, etc. ~ from any individual up to any large family, its just a "Yes" away. Please, if you have not already, look into the truth about the exact water you’re drinking from what source, who's in charge, what do they put in it, etc. The human body is MADE OF WATER! That begs the question: what is your water made of?

Please go here to see what products are available: ***These prices DO NOT reflect current prices. Ask me about your needs and I will work with what you can afford to do. ***USE AS REFERENCE ONLY***!

Email me at ~ ~ I am available at anytime. I can personally assist you and walk you thru the decision to purchase what unit or unit/combo is best for you and your family. Assembly, use, trouble-shooting, disposal, I am here. I’ve seen and done it all and want to share this PRICELESS reality of near perfect WATER. It may sound cheesy and unreal, but I am so excited about the time I dedicate to Berkey. I am passionate about a product that I have used for years and to be honest, it has made me a water snob, ha! But I wouldn't want it any other way now! I have never been healthier and/or happier and I certainly attribute my bliss to the foundation of life that this amazing water creates inside of my body. Hope to talk to you soon. Drink up, Cheers!"

"Jesus Walks on Water"
and this one... "Krishna The Water Lily is Dry"

Now back to the fun stuff. Let's get weird. Its the most fun! And controversial to some, but hey, I'm always one to push buttons to see what happens, hehehe...
RELIGION IS A CULT ^^^ ~ I do not believe in "religion" for I am a spiritual light being who is having a human experience. God has no religion and I am part of and one with God if I so believe and know it to be true in my sacred heart.

What Bill speaks of is the true empowering spirit of God's love and light inside of us All. This is the stuff that all the human "authorities" from the Vatican on down, DO NOT want you to hear, contemplate, and/or know. Because this DISSOLVES culture and religion. This dissolves the fake authority they have vested in themselves and placed over you without your consent. For they are the reflection of evil and the misguided mind.

Good thing is that you have the power to make them irrelevant in your world. It is just a choice... Love or Fear. What do you choose? Jesus is a rebel and a hero of mine as well... are you sure you know him as well as you think you do? That's the problem many of us have. STOP THINKING. It fucks everything up. Empty the mind ;) ask questions fuheva... was Jesus a Myth? Buddha real? Krishna? Muhammad? Allegories or sages, prophets and or.... what? Stop thinking! I caught you... ha
Jesus Was a Myth Part 1 ^^^ ~ Seek wisdom and try to be it... like yoga, you do not DO yoga, you attempt to BE yoga. In my experience, i love "Bikram" yoga. It is not a "pure" yoga, it has been taken from the full 88 posture-series and commercialized into a 26 posture beginner's course by the founder, Bikram Choudhury, but i thank him for his vision and he can do what he wants with his "company" - it is an amazing gift, a moving meditation and it brings joy in multi-dimensional form. Not only did it grant me wisdoms and will continue to do so, but it changed my physical body forever and I am grateful, wholeheartedly to Bikram for that. I urge you to find a yoga practice that fits you. It creates love. So why not right? In the video above, there are nuggets of fun wisdom... are you a Nazarene?

Another fun aspect of Bill's presentations is how he weaves the Zodiac/Astrology into it all... he does all the signs individually. This is mine as I am a Scorpio. If you want to understand me a bit more, watch it. If not, do not. If you want to watch yours, its there, just look for it.

So, to wrap this up and to send you on your way to Bill's YouTube channel for hours of goodness and all the consequences of your intent for years to come on this Earth and beyond... I say thank you all and if you do have a bit to sit back and relax to watch one more video, this is one of my favorites so far ~!!! Below is the video named "Mind Change & OM" Its a key!!! Do you have the will to open the door? Namaste.
love, JVR


  1. I heard of Bill from a FB friend when he posted a video about Gnosticism. I've watched him daily as I receive his new downloads and am learning so much.
    I'm lazy about meditation,but am really understanding the importance of it so shall be persistent waiting for enlightenment.
    It's nice to see someone else has felt Bill's teachings.
    I found this site while googleing on Bill.

    1. I am interested in how to do the meditation Bill talks about so I can try and do what he is talking about .Can you point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it .My email is I happened up on one of his videos and every bit of what he said just hit home and made sense to me ,but I am realy trying to find out any info he has on how to do it and so far I havent found a video hes done that shows that .I am trying to find a site where he answers questions or tells that .I am just getting started .Any help would be greatly appreciated .

    2. Hi native spirit. On Bill's website hidden there is an email link. As far as I am aware, meditation is a tricky subject and procedure. Simply because it must not involve any "mind involvement". In other words it cannot be done consciously. For me I am trying to sit still try to take no thoughts (which is difficult) and as Bill says often "watch", which I interpret as be consciously aware that something is about to happen but you don't know when or how. It's like if a loved one of yours went to the hospital for a surgery. While you're waiting for the outcome NOTHING else matters - that is "watching".Good luck Best wishesin your goal.

  2. I leaned to meditate using Wayne Dwyer's teachings. He teaches Japa meditation where you visualize the Lords Prayer (or anything thats special to you) and it trains your mind to fall into stillness. His Book and CD are called "Getting in the Gap". Bill Donahue is wonderful but he teaches to hold the breath for just 5 seconds and it will still your mind.I was always taught to just be aware of the breath. I dont really agree in holding the breath because the breath is the connection to spirit and I dont think its right to cut yourelf off from spirit. Once you learn to clear the mind and fall into stillness, you will become aware that the universe breathing you - it's really not under our control, it's God. And it is the most beautiful feeling you will ever experience. Blessings!

  3. I hope you commenters get notice of my comment, now. I guess I need to setup a better "comment notification" on my settings? Well, better now than never and never too late! I hope you all have started your meditation and learned new things since your posts, I know I have. This post is very popular and I hope that more people find it. I'd love to have a huge on-going discussion in the comments-section, so fun and such a great opportunity to share!

    I believe a fine trifecta of themes I see being most-important to me is the Sun Gazing, Water, and Meditation. Beyond words... YHVH, Om! xo

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  5. I want to thank Bill for being the only pastor who mentions animals and how we have to treat them with compassion and kindness. He is truly a man living with Christ Conscience. I have gained so much insight listening to Bill. I now read the bible and it is comes Alive. He is truly a man of "God" The Real Deal!