09 February 2012

RACHEL CORRIE ~ Remember that NAME (click here)

Rachel Corrie is a special woman who though only lived 23 years, stood for an old, wise, and compassionate life; peace for all. She was an American student, serving with the International Solidarity Movement with fellow international activists in the occupied territory of the Gaza Strip, Palestine. She was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer as she stood in between it and a Palestinian family's home.

Here are here letters and journal, a terrific read:

At the age of 10, "international activist" was on Rachel's list of things she want to be when she grew up. This is the 5th grade speech she gave that will forever echo the halls of peace...

I do a lot of my own research on subjects closely related to the main issues here, so when I stumbled upon the story of Rachel Corrie, I asked myself how in the hell have I not heard of Rachel Corrie? And if I do not know about her story, who does?! An innocent peace activist American killed by a foreign army while they occupy another people's land? And what did the US Govt do about it? What did they do for the Corrie family? Why did the media companies ignore this? Why am I just finding out now? What else has Israel Defense Forces done that I do not know about?

Well, thing is, more people that I thought know about Rachel Corrie and her story has been made into documentaries and plays and still I have to ask, who knows about this? Not enough people. That's who. Now you do and now it is your turn to share this, with just one person that's fine. Thank you... okay, so I truly cannot do her life justice with my words, so I have compiled the most compelling videos I could find. The first video is a full-length documentary entitled, "Rachel: An American Conscience" that shines the best light I have seen shown on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The remaining videos are short news pieces and a look into the international hit play, "My Name Is Rachel Corrie"

This last video here ^^^ is the only video I could find relating to Rachel from the Israeli point of view. He seems to be an author, pushing his book, but he is an obvious Israel supporter who also touches on the MV Rachel Corrie humanitarian aid flotilla which was intercepted by Israeli Defense Forces commandos who were enforcing the blockade of Gaza.

Here is a link to which hosts a thought provoking article on Jessica Lynch & Rachel Corrie. One was a soldier for the USA, one was a peace activist for human rights. One was rescued and showered with attention, while the other was murdered, our Govt sat quite while the Israeli Defense Ministry held its own investigation (going back on the agreement with the US on behalf of the Corrie family for an independent case) and there was a near total media blackout.

This article, from Israel's "#1 source for news," but I am not one to trust any mainstream news source anymore, so take it fwiw, but it is the most recent news I could find about the civil case taking place in Israel ~ and here is an LA Times story citing the Corrie family stating there is evidence that Israel is witholding. The contrast on the Comments sections of these two stories is amazing to see...

Israeli government officials I'm sure are not too happy that Iran recently named a street after Rachel Corrie...

and I do want to find this documentary for sure^^^ please post information in the Comments section if you know where to see the documentary talked about in the video above. Thanks ~ ah! look what I found a great Trailer for the documentary in question, RACHEL and three short clips from the film ~

If you've digested all of this info about Rachel, Gaza, Israel, ISM, the investigation, the trial, what is means today, what is means to you, and what it means for our futures... I ask only one thing: whatever thoughts pop into your head after experienceing and knowing this now, will you act on them? Even the slightest gestures can have long-standing effects that ripple into the unknown and continue to add to all the wonderful opportunities we can choose from.

Thank you for your attention. In solidarity, in peace, in love until All are Free. Thank you Rachel Corrie for your service in the name of peace. Thank you to the Corrie Family continuing to fight and spreading the good message; "They are Us, We are Them"