19 April 2012


Can you handle the truth? You can. May you? You have the Holy Choice inside of you. You have both the truth and the blasphemy. Say, "I am All." Because you are. We are the All. We are. LOVE.

I have watched these movies. I have researched most all, if not all of the topics contained within the movies, at length. I feel that by watching these movies, even just one of these individually, will raise your consciousness exponentially. Watch these all and do research to find what you may and if you fair well choose to, you will not only change your life, but the lovers and friends around you too.

As I write this I know that the information presented here is not my own. I know that the first two paragraphs of this posting are my heart speaking in the moment. Take them as you will and I thank you for being here, always.

Watch Now/Open&Pause/Bookmark:

1) KYMATICA - the second movie from creator, Ben Stewart (the first is Esoteric Agenda, a movie that watching it now, can be called a bit immature, reckless, and misleading BUT is also a good watch. If KYMATICA starts to lose you, put on Esoteric Agenda) I pick this to be the first movie of the playlist because it is just so strong. It is relentless in its wholeheartedly honest and kind, yet brutally sharp. Well, Stewart is young, but his is wise and he grew up quick. It will amaze and empower you.

2) UNGRIP - Rob of the Page family is the man. He studied his way into learning the "legalise" language and beat them at their own game. He used unlawful legality to safely let go of all social benefits from Governments that without our consent, has made themselves rulers over him (us). We are Sovereign. We are Humans, being. No authority of me other than the Great Creator/Grand Design/Christ Consciousness/GOD/The ALL... not even close to a city, state or federal "government." Haha, the absurdity of it sometimes just makes me chuckle and skip a stone. Its a fascinating document to a man's hard work and faith in himself and his family. We need more Robs of the Page family...

3) THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? ~ This could have been #1 on my list. It is resourceful, tangible, and far the fuck out. BUT we need to hear a presentation like this NOW. If you believe in the collective, if you believe in yourself, either way, it is imperative that we move. Forward actions to make our dreams come true. Though, creator and host, Foster Gamble is an insider (Proctor & Gamble heir) this feels authentic and though he could have chosen a better, less-shiny shirt, I have yet to find any cracks in this piece that thwart me from recommending it. It is a movement that we can see inside ourselves. As extra-dimensional as it is, this hits home inside on a singular, human level. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Its my "Something to Look At" pick of the day!

4) THE AWAKENING: Max Igan - In my opinion, this is a meditation piece. Not REALLY a movie, but cool pictures for sure with a backdrop of heavy wisdom from Max Igan. Also, here is Part 1 of 4 from an interview of Ben Stewart by Max Igan -

5) MONEY MASTERS: Bill Still - If you've read to this point and/or care enough to scan the entire post, OR you actually are watching all of these movies and made the decision to go all the way... this is the Gold at the end of the rainbow. A mammoth movie of paradigm smashing facts that will anger you to no end, but remember! ANGER IS A GIFT OF ENERGY FOR YOU TO HOLD, MOLD, AND USE AS POWER TO BE BOLD IN TRUTH. Now that you're ready, let 'er rip!

TUNE IN/OPT OUT - okay, no more caps lock. Seriously, that is the mantra that I have adopted over the years. It makes all the sense to me in the my world because we are eternally connected to the All, we Are love antennas, literally. We must tune in to each other, we must tune into to ourselves. I hate using "we" or "you" or "us" or anything talking about and for someone other than myself. I can only speak for myself and tell you what my heart says. The only experience that matters, truly, is the experience of the Self. Listen to the heart and the soul says...

See ya loves,
John of the Riccio-Gutierrez Family