20 April 2012

888 * 3D+4D+5D ~ DREAM A LITTLE DREAM WITH ME... when heaven comes down, the soul goes up, tetrahedron!

We "live" in our physical bodies within a 3D reality. Or should I say the 3rd Dimension is where we perceive our waking hours to be spent. The partner of the 3D is Time, the 4th Dimension. These dimensions hold the debt of our energy charges in our existence. When we DREAM, we enter the glorious collective unconscious... the 5th Dimension. I am still me when I dream. Another part of me. Does this tell me that I am inter-dimensional? Multi-dimensional? Is my Soul able to live forever and travel through dimensions? Is that what this is? What work did I choose for myself on this Earth? Where was I before I was born? Where was the Light that made up my Soul? No debt! Free energy! Love fulfilled. Here we go...
This is Bill Donahue. His biography is on his website, read it if you care to. Whether you do or not, this presentation will get you smiling and dreaming to get to sleep to dream again. There is so much beauty on this planet and in our solar system and beyond... there is also so much beauty within the human mind. Oh wait, they're the same ;) but seriously, we have it all in our hands. Your soul is infinite! Never fear death for it is a lie! If we use our heart to set the intention and use our mind to create opportunity, our hands will find peace.

I will never stop living, loving, dreaming, and laughing my way through any dimension. You too, right?
In honor of Cannabis Hemp, the planet's greatest plant/flower/fruit/vegetable/crop, and all its divine capabilities...