30 April 2012


A welcomed (slight) change to the death metal boogie of ancient hallows and future ends that the BornInTheCall communication system has recently become. Let's talk about Sex and STDs and all the shit that comes along with it, eh? Fun fun fun, but mad serious. Not only did I hear an En Vogue song yesterday that made me think of Salt N Pepa today (no you neva gonna get it, neva neva gunna git it), but I had a conversation with a close friend about sex. It is fun talking sex with experienced women who know themselves and are honest and open. A man can learn a lot if he just shut up for a second. Which I did. Various subtopics arose during our exchange, but the realization of the enormity of risk in these modern times for sex lives is what stuck with me... kinda like the crushing blow it must be to one's psyche when they find out that they have acquired a STD that sticks with them their entire life. Ok, not THAT serious, but still, listen...
The fact I learned for which prompted this entry is that my friend has a friend who has had four (4) sexual partners in their lifetime. Four. Whether or not you think that is a lot of partners or not, is a reflection of your own sexual life experiences. As a 31 year old single man, if I had only been with 4 women, I can guess the general consensus would be that is a very low number. Not sure if potential partners would feel good about that or think I was lame, but in the end, does it really matter? As long as you have chemistry in bed with the one you love at the moment, that's all that counts. Not the past or future, just the now, right? So, I could find statistics on averages and such, but that is boring. All I know is that there is no number that should be a goal to reach or that even just having one partner is not perfect for that individual. Truth is, its your choice and your perspective and motives for experiencing sex, or whatever you describe the act as. Also, everyone fucks differently. Everyone makes love in their own way. Therein, lie the infinite shades of desire, intimacy, unlawful carnal knowledge, lust, jealousy, fever, and dare I say empathy and compassion... Sex is fun and healthy, but like anything else we can imagine, it can be addictive, destructive, and painfully abused for all the wrong reasons. Obviously a necessity for our species :/ but I digress...

The friend of my friend acquired the Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV Type II (most common) or HSV Type I (cold sores, oral)! The HERP! Yikes it gives me the creepy crawlies (i was gonna say willies, but there's enough sexual pun in here already.. or no?) just typing it. Yuck.... and just 4 people. Shoot, I'm sure there are cases in which the person lost their virginity to someone who gave them a STD. That's just criminal right there. Actually, it probably is a crime in some places to knowingly be positive for a STD and have unprotected sex with someone who did not know this fact. How sick are some people?

But you read what I typed right? Only 4 sexual partners and the person is living with this disease that will change their life in such a drastic way... either they will be purchasing a prescription for Valtrex or whatever HSV suppressant pharmaceutical drug that costs a ton I'm guessing... or, you know we do not have to get into it all right now, but just know that the healthy sex life of this person is fundamentally changed forever. That's a fact. Just like the fact that sex is not what it used to be. As humans (d)evolve, so does the complexity and mortality, urgency, and importance.

The conversation kinda strolled into the area of "how important IS the number of sexual partners in someone's life?" and "always wear a condom unless you are ready for a child. period. there is no argument around that." Lucky enough I am blessed to have known so many people with varying narratives to their sex lives, so I've learned from my environment damn well. I know people who have been burnt, I know people with kids they did not plan for, I know people who have been raped and had abortions, I know people who have practiced safe sex and are both clean and baby-free. I know guys who owe crazy amounts of child-support and women who waste that money on themselves instead of the child. I know men who have stepped up to the plate and provide for their child and mothers who either use the child-support money the right way and/or are responsible women who not only work, but run their household like a boss. The whole gamut is represented here so it shows how many choices we have. Which road do you want to go down? It is ALWAYS your choice. Always yours and yours alone.

Also lucky for me, I get free annual tests from my VA Primary Care physician to help reinforce that I'm doing things right. Its like turning in your book report early to the teacher to see if all your references check out and if you dotted your tease and crossed your eyes. I suggest that everyone get tested for everything annually. It takes a couple minutes of your time and could save not only your life, but others as well.
Sex is a very messy, passionate, and powerful act, idea, topic of discussion and bewildering economy. It is misunderstood and romanticized, it is ridiculed and idolized. Sex is not only a human act, but it is the only way humans can experience each other in certain ways unspeakable. It is creation and the little death. You are at you're most vulnerable and yet sometimes, most empowered. You see life clearly through your lover's eyes, but lust can come along and blurrrrr all the lines.

As this is the last day of STD Awareness Month, I am paying tribute to the wisdom of many from my generation that have been safe and not been careless with their bodies... KUDOS TO YOU! And if you're old and ignorant or young and ignorant, its never too late. Guys: WRAP IT UP & DAM IT UP ~ Girls: DEMAND SAFETY & DO NOT COMPROMISE YOURSELF FOR A MAN'S ATTENTION.

P.S. - Ladies, I have an idea for you, being a man who's experienced all different kinds relationships. Consider doing and/or telling your fellow women to save the oral sex for AFTER you get married or enter into a healthy, committed relationship. It is safe and more fun that way and after the honeymoon sex-phase is over, its better than not having sex at all or very infrequently as many busy, working adults in marriages or committed relationships complain of, especially after the 5-6 year mark of said relationship. And double-ly especially after you have kids, from what I've been told. So, if there is unprotected mouth sex happening, STOP (you're giving head with condoms on? gimme a break) and save it for the one you truly love in times when this kind of action, reaction, solution (haha, get it?) is desperately needed. "I'll settle for a cup of coffee, but you know what I really need." Is this not a grand idea? It will be a clean and positive force in your relationship, trust me. Remember, you get what you give, so if you want Mr. Hubby to go downtown... oh, you know what I'm saying. Lastly, if you cheat, you deserve the nasty STD you get, whatever it may be. You better learn your lesson!




23 April 2012

2012 Olympic Games = 13,000 to DIE? is this 9/11 Part Two? IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN... (click here for Rockefeller Foundation PDF REPORT)

To preface this post, I must say, the video that highlights this idea goes a bit far in some places of its argument, but it hits SPOT ON in the most important places that really made me get behind it at the end. So watch it all the way through, its only 15 minutes that could really change the world and save thousands of lives!

Wayyy back in the day when I truly woke up, I read a long-begotten report by the leading Neo-Conservatives of the time - Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, etc. calling themselves the Project for a New American Century. They outlined in their late-2000 report that what was needed was a "new Pearl Harbor-like event" to bring about global change. Well, they got it with 9/11. But let's not get too bogged down in that rabbit hole, eh? We got a new one to explore.

The new red flag comes from the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 report Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development (click title for link to entire PDF) which is a putrid read from "intellectuals" around the world. Here is the passage that the video references as their smoking gun - "The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the "doom decade" for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000..."

Before I post the video or before you watch it (maybe you already have, but anyways) please know that this is only done out of love. LOVE. The last thing I want is war or terrorist acts (war is terrorism, but alas...) like 9/11 or 7/7 (underground rail bombings in London, oh you haven't heard?) so this is only to educate, grow awareness, and hopefully thwart such actions from ever taking place. Please, added to all the Olympic-sponsoring military-industrial-complex companies (criminal organizations) that are raping and pillaging our beloved Earth, look at the host city itself > London has the most CCTV (closed circuit television) recorders in the world per square mile/per capita. They have a society-draining "royal" family that is the epitome of Occult worship, one-world government, and elitism that keeps the false pyramid paradigm working. They are treasonous to humanity and to think these Summer Games are going to be anything positive is insane. Yes, some athletes (the non-doping, honest ones) will gain good experience and showcase their talents, but at what expense? Its ripe for a full-on dark ritual of mind control, GMO food poisoning, and environmental damage at the least. So be vigilant, talk about it with your friends and neighbors and do not watch it on live television to give them any ratings. Just wait to see highlights or watch online.

Here's the video that really could do a lot of good...

Find peace thru love and have a good next three months. After July 8, things are gonna get hairy. Be ready by being the best you can be and listen to that good voice inside you. Follow your heart.



I hope the nights keep this level of excitement for then there is no way i cannot keep up with this... it started when my neighbor gave me a dream diary when i left for the Pacific NW... then i met a girl named Althea who reads old books like "Dream Telepathy" and dances to old Paul Simon records in nothing but her pink Chucks. Then i took the red pill. Here goes! Hope you like reading it as much as I liked experiencing it.

Chapter 1:

... ducking my head as to not hit the splintered ceiling, i walk down to the basement with little trust. She's new to my world but i'm crazy about how she makes time disappear when we're together. i find her on the couch, alone, smoking. Everytime i kiss her its more of a laughter-filled romp with bites and some kind of mark left on one of us. We met at the refuge. The band we put together had the lead singer of Coheed & Cambria on the drums. Lest I say we werent that good. She's the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen. i cannot trust the other men in the house around her at all, regardless of their respect for me. She's cooked up love and they're dying for some. She's starting to stand her ground now its been two weeks and they respect me when i'm around because i dont say anything. But they hear us loud and clear. I never use force to keep anyone near, so this exercise is by far the greatest. Too bad i cannot be here more often... as Time creeps back in, he tears us apart from one another. We fit together as if we were super glued... our skin rips and splits and we scream and moan, clawing until the void eats us up. 
When I wake, i am clutching on for dear life. i am the only one without a lifejacket! Slowly does this warship plod along this river. I'm surprised that not one of the Upper Brass is saying i'm in the wrong. As cunning as these soldiers might be, they're not so quick without their technology. As i get my berthing all set, i venture up to my new Ship's Store. Its much larger than the Ogden's. I see 'ol boy, as he walks up to me he warns, "watch out for Technical Chief. He's around." I give him the "say what?" look... "Technical"? there's no such thing as a "technical" Chief... well, lo and behold, who comes walking onto the messdecks not more than a second later? Technical Chief. He's about 6'5" 300 with skin like armour. He's quite nice though, even after I call him just "Chief" to see what his reaction would be... he quickly corrects me without anger and i repeat in kind and carry on as if nothing happened. He is on the ropes now. He needs me there and its fun being the only one wearing Navy coveralls. This is my first ship that is fully co-ed... am i sure this is the US military? Wow, things have changed as we lay in the double sunlight making the non-skid our lounge. And before i know it, i'm cropping a digital picture in the sky of what i'm looking at, of where i am now, actuallly,... I'm in Southport Park! But this is not how i remember it. And the people talk like they're from another ... yup, its the 1920's and not only that but my soccer mates are French. That means lots of cigarettes. The Park is majestic! I can now see it in all of its glory! There are people everywhere, cars in every stall, trees abundant and the water is crystal clear. This summer day is not too humid, but of course, its on the Lake, so I expect it... we play until dusk breaks and i find myself smoking WHILE playing. Geez louise... and then i witness the most perfect save from across the whole length of the field. The save turns into one desperate kick that lands perfectly on me mates' head which soars directly towards me. All i do is move my foot an inch and it slams into my toes and into the goal past a diving goalie. It happened in less than 4 seconds and blew everyone's mind for it was as if the ball was finding us. We stopped the game after that. You cannot keep playing after perfection reveals itself as so. 
As we stumble back to the cars as if we'd been drinking all night, i wonder who are these people? My great grandparents and their friends? complete strangers? actual soccer players from that time? The soccer ball is a huge lemon, half-peeled as if it were ragged from being kicked relentlessly... used and loved with fervor. The group starts to dissolve before my eyes as everything around me crumbles. The laughter fades and the smoke dissipates... except now there is my girl, who is anxiously puffing and waiting for me by our tug boat which is sitting in a stall reserved for me as if it were dropped onto the concrete from the heavens. It felt like I think we floated home, but then again all i smelt was amber waves of her lost lipstick.

20 April 2012

888 * 3D+4D+5D ~ DREAM A LITTLE DREAM WITH ME... when heaven comes down, the soul goes up, tetrahedron!

We "live" in our physical bodies within a 3D reality. Or should I say the 3rd Dimension is where we perceive our waking hours to be spent. The partner of the 3D is Time, the 4th Dimension. These dimensions hold the debt of our energy charges in our existence. When we DREAM, we enter the glorious collective unconscious... the 5th Dimension. I am still me when I dream. Another part of me. Does this tell me that I am inter-dimensional? Multi-dimensional? Is my Soul able to live forever and travel through dimensions? Is that what this is? What work did I choose for myself on this Earth? Where was I before I was born? Where was the Light that made up my Soul? No debt! Free energy! Love fulfilled. Here we go...
This is Bill Donahue. His biography is on his website, read it if you care to. Whether you do or not, this presentation will get you smiling and dreaming to get to sleep to dream again. There is so much beauty on this planet and in our solar system and beyond... there is also so much beauty within the human mind. Oh wait, they're the same ;) but seriously, we have it all in our hands. Your soul is infinite! Never fear death for it is a lie! If we use our heart to set the intention and use our mind to create opportunity, our hands will find peace.

I will never stop living, loving, dreaming, and laughing my way through any dimension. You too, right?
In honor of Cannabis Hemp, the planet's greatest plant/flower/fruit/vegetable/crop, and all its divine capabilities...

19 April 2012


Can you handle the truth? You can. May you? You have the Holy Choice inside of you. You have both the truth and the blasphemy. Say, "I am All." Because you are. We are the All. We are. LOVE.

I have watched these movies. I have researched most all, if not all of the topics contained within the movies, at length. I feel that by watching these movies, even just one of these individually, will raise your consciousness exponentially. Watch these all and do research to find what you may and if you fair well choose to, you will not only change your life, but the lovers and friends around you too.

As I write this I know that the information presented here is not my own. I know that the first two paragraphs of this posting are my heart speaking in the moment. Take them as you will and I thank you for being here, always.

Watch Now/Open&Pause/Bookmark:

1) KYMATICA - the second movie from creator, Ben Stewart (the first is Esoteric Agenda, a movie that watching it now, can be called a bit immature, reckless, and misleading BUT is also a good watch. If KYMATICA starts to lose you, put on Esoteric Agenda) I pick this to be the first movie of the playlist because it is just so strong. It is relentless in its wholeheartedly honest and kind, yet brutally sharp. Well, Stewart is young, but his is wise and he grew up quick. It will amaze and empower you.

2) UNGRIP - Rob of the Page family is the man. He studied his way into learning the "legalise" language and beat them at their own game. He used unlawful legality to safely let go of all social benefits from Governments that without our consent, has made themselves rulers over him (us). We are Sovereign. We are Humans, being. No authority of me other than the Great Creator/Grand Design/Christ Consciousness/GOD/The ALL... not even close to a city, state or federal "government." Haha, the absurdity of it sometimes just makes me chuckle and skip a stone. Its a fascinating document to a man's hard work and faith in himself and his family. We need more Robs of the Page family...

3) THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? ~ This could have been #1 on my list. It is resourceful, tangible, and far the fuck out. BUT we need to hear a presentation like this NOW. If you believe in the collective, if you believe in yourself, either way, it is imperative that we move. Forward actions to make our dreams come true. Though, creator and host, Foster Gamble is an insider (Proctor & Gamble heir) this feels authentic and though he could have chosen a better, less-shiny shirt, I have yet to find any cracks in this piece that thwart me from recommending it. It is a movement that we can see inside ourselves. As extra-dimensional as it is, this hits home inside on a singular, human level. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Its my "Something to Look At" pick of the day!

4) THE AWAKENING: Max Igan - In my opinion, this is a meditation piece. Not REALLY a movie, but cool pictures for sure with a backdrop of heavy wisdom from Max Igan. Also, here is Part 1 of 4 from an interview of Ben Stewart by Max Igan -

5) MONEY MASTERS: Bill Still - If you've read to this point and/or care enough to scan the entire post, OR you actually are watching all of these movies and made the decision to go all the way... this is the Gold at the end of the rainbow. A mammoth movie of paradigm smashing facts that will anger you to no end, but remember! ANGER IS A GIFT OF ENERGY FOR YOU TO HOLD, MOLD, AND USE AS POWER TO BE BOLD IN TRUTH. Now that you're ready, let 'er rip!

TUNE IN/OPT OUT - okay, no more caps lock. Seriously, that is the mantra that I have adopted over the years. It makes all the sense to me in the my world because we are eternally connected to the All, we Are love antennas, literally. We must tune in to each other, we must tune into to ourselves. I hate using "we" or "you" or "us" or anything talking about and for someone other than myself. I can only speak for myself and tell you what my heart says. The only experience that matters, truly, is the experience of the Self. Listen to the heart and the soul says...

See ya loves,
John of the Riccio-Gutierrez Family

17 April 2012

HOPI PROPHECY Speech *EXTREMELY RARE* 1986 ~ ALL RACES_RELIGIONS_CREEDS ~ Svpreme Enlightenment for ALL (click here)

This speech made by a Hopi descendant will move you. It is deeply profound in indescribable ways that only you can understand for yourself. Please, after watching this, do what you feel is the best action you can take whether it be talking to your neighbor about it, sharing this page with a friend, researching more on your own and sharing your opinions on FB or more. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly. Thank you very much or "Kwakwhay" in Hopi...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Now, I have hit on this subject before, only briefly, mostly when Comet Elenin was passing by (Blue Kachina). The man who gave the speech above did not directly mention or say Kachinas. So, I am adding this video to show words from various Hopi sources. We will never truly understand the wisdom of oral teachings of the Hopi, for unless you live it can you understand it, even so, if I were to take collegiate-level courses in it for years, I could only THINK I understood it. I know that I know nothing and I am content with emptying my mind of all the think-I-know's and "intelligence" for what my (and many of my peers I gather) organic computer has been programmed to do since I was chosen to be part of this Grand Experience. The real wealth of wisdom and glory has been kept from the individual, thus the collective has been engulfed under many dark clouds. But the human will is the heart of love and though it fought against the powers that shouldnt be and if you make the choice for them not to, no longer be, it is nearing a harmonious balance of love within and without God Consciousness and the All will realize that Hu-man Being(s) have been, am, and will be eternal Love; that the species is... is a part of... and reflects Anu.
Wisdom and Peace are just as important disaster preparedness tools as is water filters and food. STOCK UP!


16 April 2012

YOU WILL FIND IT, BUT DO NOT LOOK FOR IT (TITLE LINK: Click Here - UFO revelations? Awakenings galor-ious or Black-Ops setting stage for False-Flag?)

This was not meant to be what it is going to be. Or I guess it probably was, but I was not aware that it was until just a few moments ago. Its going to get weird in here. I am going to post a plethora of new(ish) UFO disclosure videos. This is not 1994 America's Funniest Home Videos, okay? You will see things you have never seen. If you HAVE seen things like this before, maybe it will confirm your belief and get your opinion into the conversation... Or I guess it probably depends on how open you are to the idea that interstellar beings are revealing themselves to the human race through means of "channels" who post reports from the (for confusion's sake we'll just call them Aliens, like we always have) on blogs and/or YouTube videos. The most interesting in my opinion is the "Galactic Federation of Light" that encompasses many alien races and a lineup of individuals or "characters" who speak to us in eloquent prose and lofty promise. (click the Title link for a recent doozy if you're so inclined)

Is this first video fake or is this proof of either three possible things: 1) UFOs which are Alien crafts revealing themselves and seemingly having fun in our Water World's lower atmosphere? 2) NASA secret technology being tested and oops, they got caught on video... or 3) an extremely talented CGI artist who likes to upload obscure YT videos that not many actually watch.
Whether our opinion matters is debatable among anyone, but I know what I see in this video ^^^^^^^ and I have never seen anything quite like it. This video shows a gorgeous formation with an amateur videographer in a cussing awe...
Just from those two videos... wtf.

Check this shit.... and imagine a flight from NY to LA in an hour and a half... for free. And now would you believe there are underground and underSEA trains that go up to Mach 2 or roughly 1500 mph?
According to my understanding, there are a good handful of visitors to Earth. This next video is unique in its seemingly liquid or multi-dimensional form. I will refrain from describing what I see as to not mold a prejudice in you. Just watch these and craft your own idea.
Happy New Year Taiwan!!! "2012" comes around and setting fireworks off a building is what happens. I guess there's some meaning and history in this odd ritual... I wonder what the Visitors think?
You have to really focus on the middle of the screen on this one to see them, but its clear once you find them - the video consists of 1 shot of 1 min that plays twice -
As you can see, these videos are from different places all over Earth. It clearly begs the question: Is a real disclosure happening directly from friendly visitors to the good humans? Or is this the CIA/MI5/Mossad and other secret Govt agencies showing off their black technology to set the stage for a fake Alien invasion? The Alien Invasion would be the last card of the Illuminati. They play this card to unite the entire world's people in a interstellar threat that would, for the most part in terms of the "masses" - would allow a One World Government to not exist in the shadows, but to come out and say they are in-charge now because we have to fight the Aliens. Say goodbye to any resemblance to the life you once knew...

The Nazis followed the Sun Cult, or ancient Sun worship doctrines... they loved the Black Sun/Black Saturn and/or was it the Dead Star or 2nd Sun? Was Zechariah Sitchin right about a 2nd Sun that rides an elliptical orbit around/with our Sun, that includes a planet that houses the Annunaki race of beings? - Lets see if you can make this connection, if you please.

And I could go on and on, so I'll end with this "landing" video. It is the most eye-popping in my opinion and it shows a logo on the last closeup that looks familiar. (queue X-Files' theme music) If you've just skipped the videos and been reading, please watch this short clip below. Good times, good times...
Now remember, do your own research and make your own mind. This is meant to be a fire-starter and piece of work to help push others; if the desire is there there will be no opposition but a relay and more push and pull until the sculpture is recognizable.

THANK YOU for reading this on the 3 Month Anniversary of Born In The Call!!! Peace and Love to All,


06 April 2012

MATRIX - WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE TO EXIST IN? will you have a choice if you wait too long before choosing?

Just for my own sanity, I need to tell you how I worked on this entry for nearly 12 hours yesterday and at around 1230am this morning, I accidentally deleted it. Oooof, that was tough to swallow, but here I am bright and early about to tackle what I remember this post to be. Here goes:

HAARP - if you do not know what it is, go here and look it up: - DOLPHINS - you know them and love them, right? This first video is a handful of years old... Dolphins murdered in the Persian Gulf from HAARP?
They are divine creatures that enrich our world, but they must be a threat to someone for this to happen to them. I know this is hard to do. I know this is not what makes us happy, but this information is ESSENTIAL. We must NOT be afraid of the Dark Cabal. Their methods of killing stretch far and wide, but we are still here. LOVE conquers ALL because Love IS All. You, me, and all living beings are Love and we ARE the All. No fear, cavalier! Right? Right. So what do we do about weapons and death like we've seen so far? Spread awareness.

This new video shows even more evidence:

615 Dead Dolphins on Peru Beaches - April 4, 2012

Or are these Dolphin deaths related to cosmic forces? The Earth's Magnetic North changing position? the 2nd Sun?

Regardless of what the truth actually is, we must live in a reality that is touched by the consequences of these unknown evils. But again, what matrix are you in? What do you choose to do with your time and energy? Are you even the one choosing? If you are here reading this, you are either seeking for the same truths as I, or we are both programmed into a maddened state of chaos that fits perfectly with the Grand Plan.

DARPA. Google. The US Federal (rogue) Government. They fraternize within and without. They want to know what you think, see, feel, and dream. They want to AUGMENT your reality. You will probably see these things more from now on... the "iBrain" & "Google Goggles" are shown here in very simple, early stages of development. Do you believe they show their hand or that they give you just what you need to see for the script to be read as planned? the "black" technology, the secret programs have tech that is THOUSANDS of YEARS ahead of commercial tech. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that can speak to other A.I. - here's some visual evidence...
Al Jazeera US - GOOGLE GOGGLES Augmented Reality Glasses (PROJECT GLASS) <<< read this article and watch the embedded video of a demonstration of the Google Goggles (with Ads haha ^^^ you know they'll be on there) they're naming it PROJECT GLASS for goodness sake. Brilliant yes, but that does not mean it is good for you. Will they do years of human testing for cancer risk? Yes, they'll do it on the consumer while innocent people GET CANCER!

They will control your thoughts (even moreso than they do now): - iBrain wants to read thoughts - Stephen Hawking <<< article and above ^^^ is the video.

So, we're all set! Give me an iBrain and some Googles to see thru THEIR "looking glass" and let them suck money I do not have out of my fictitious person they made for me when I was born. They tricked my Mother, just like they tricked yours. Many humans are not as lucky as you or I to have been loved and cared for by a parent(s) that were responsible for us. Some were taken from their parents by The State. Whether they parents were wrongly accused or they were criminals who abused and neglected to a point where those around them spoke out... who knows the truth?

Only you can decide that for yourself, but when you wake up in the morning and lay your head down to sleep, you are the only one who can speak for yourself and make the choices in your life. You're the final word. What word do you hear in your head?

If you let them fit you for these devices and you start to deviate from their plan... one of these machines might come pay you a visit. Imagine it with a badge, retina scanner, audio/video recorder, ticket-writing capabilities, and some kind of non-lethal weaponry.

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

What kind of picture is being formed in your head now? Does it resemble the one in my mind? You think this idea is too far fetched? This is just stuff of movies and fantasy? Even this cartoon sends shivers down the spine. If you know anything, know this: the All is far too strange, large and chaotic to understand as a whole. You must understand the below (you) before you understand the above (Pure God Love Consciousness).



Peaceful non-compliance is the answer. TUNE-IN/OPT-OUT is my slogan when it comes to the question, "what DO we do then?" The answer to me is clear: the Dark Ones do not have Love. They do not know Love. They cannot understand Love. Therefore they cannot defeat Love. Even when your perception might be that they are "winning" or that even to a point if they do shoot you and kill you (shoot your body and end the body's existence, but I KNOW the Soul exists and I KNOW there is more than this current consciousness)... BE LOVE, SING LOVE, BEING LOVE, BEINGS LOVE... if you CHOOSE to be Love all your time, then you will EVOLve continuously and in your daily choices, tasks, tests, fun, and slumbers, you will be the shooting star your ancestors dreamt of millennia ago... and you are.

IMAGINE: talking to anyone on Earth at a blink of an eye. Any language automatically translated so you both understand each other. 

IMAGINE: No money. You will have the choice to "say" it is money (whatever you choose to act as "money") but it will be just for fun because everything will be free.

IMAGINE: Free Energy for All. No more oil, coal, or any "dirty" energy. And you won't have to "pay" for it. You have already earned it by arriving on Earth. We are all eternal divine light beings that are here for a reason... it will be known to all who do not already know soon. It is going to be glorious beyond what you can imagine glory to be. 

Nikola Tesla unlimited free energy

 forever THEY dont want you to know

 So, who are part the Dark Cabal? Let's start with the Vatican/Rothschild/UK Royalty/Communist Orient - or just their bankers... Here's a clue: 3 Countries Left W/O Rule of a Rothschild 

Central Bank??? <<< An article explaining what countries were left since 2000 that were not under rule of a Rothschild-led/owned Central Bank...

I wonder why "we" and NATO are bombing them, hmm? Are there only THREE (3) Countries left in the ENTIRE WORLD that are NOT under  control from Rothschild Central Banks are ESSENTIAL to Communism. a One-World Communist/Fascist Regime posing as a Government by the People for the People is the real goal. Full-Spectrum control of all water, food, medicinal herbs, and synthetic drugs. Money is the "slave-tag" that you will have on you or in you. IF you do not choose the Light right now. RIGHT. NOW.
and here is some of that small, dark group in a couple nice lists:

Trilateral Commission Membership, 19732

Banking Related
Ernest C. ArbuckleChairman, Wells Fargo Bank
George W. BallSenior Partner, Lehman Brothers
Alden W. ClausenPresident, Bank of America
Archibald K. DavisChairman, Wachovia Bank and Trust Company
*Peter G. PetersonChairman, Lehman Brothers
*David RockefellerChairman, Chase Manhattan Bank
Robert V. RoosaPartner, Brown Brothers Harriman & Company
Bruce K. MacLauryPresident, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
John H. PerkinsPresident, Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company
Press Related
Doris AndersonEditor, Chantelaine Magazine
Emmett DedmonVice-President and Editorial Director, Field Enterprises, Inc.
Hedley DonovanEditor-in-Chief, Time, Inc.
Carl T. RowanColumnist
Arthur R. TaylorPresident, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
Labor Related
*I. W. Abel, PresidentUnited Steelworkers of America
Leonard WoodcockPresident, United Automobile Workers
Lane KirklandSecretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO
John B. AndersonHouse of Representatives
Lawton ChilesUnited States Senate
Barber B. Conable, Jr.House of Representatives
John C. CulverUnited States Senate
Wilbur D. MillsHouse of Representatives
Walter F. MondaleUnited States Senate
William V. Roth, Jr.United States Senate
Robert Taft Jr.United States Senate
Other Political
James E. Carter, Jr.Governor of Georgia
Daniel J. EvansGovernor of Washington
*William W. ScrantonFormer Governor of Pennsylvania
J. Paul AustinChairman, The Coca-Cola Company
W. Michael BlumenthalChairman, Bendix Corporation
*Patrick E. HaggertyChairman, Texas Instruments
William A. HewittChairman, Deere and Company
Edgar F. KaiserChairman, Kaiser Industries Corporation
Lee L. MorganPresident, Caterpillar Tractor Company
David PackardChairman, Hewlett-Packard Company
Charles W. RobinsonPresident, Marcona Corporation
Arthur M. WoodChairman, Sears, Roebuck & Company
William M. RothRoth Properties
David M. AbshireChairman, Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies
Graham AllisonProfessor of Politics, Harvard University
Robert R. BowieClarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs, Harvard University
*Harold BrownPresident, California Institute of Technology
Richard N. CooperProvost and Frank Altschul Professor of International Economics, Yale University
Paul W. McCrackenEdmund Ezra Day Professor of Business Administration, University of Michigan
Marina von N. WhitmanDistinguished Public Service Professor of Economics, University of Pittsburgh
Carroll L. WilsonProfessor of Management, Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, MIT
Edwin O. ReischauerUniversity Professor, Harvard University; former U.S. Ambassador to Japan
Law Firms
Warren ChristopherPartner, O’Melveny and Myers
William T. Coleman, Jr.Senior Partner, Dilworth, Paxson, Kalish, Levy & Coleman
Lloyd N. CutlerPartner, Wilmer, Cutler, and Pickering
*Gerard C. SmithCounsel, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering
Cyrus R. VancePartner, Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett
*Paul C. Warnke
Partner, Clifford, Warnke, Glass, McIlwain & Finney
Lucy Wilson BensonPresident, League of Women Voters of the United States
Kenneth D. NadenExecutive Vice President, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
Thomas L. HughesPresident, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Henry D. OwenDirector, Foreign Policy Studies Program, the Brookings Institution
Anthony SolomonConsultant

Additional Trilateral Commission Membership through 20054

Banking Related
Paul WolfowitzPresident, World Bank
Paul A. VolkerFormer Chairman, Wolfensohn & Co., Inc., New York; Frederick H. Schultz Professor Emeritus, International Economic Policy, Princeton University; former Chairman, Board of Governors, U.S. Federal Reserve System; Honorary North American Chairman and former North American Chairman, Trilateral Commission
Alan GreenspanChairman of the Federal Reserve, Board of Directors of Bank for International Settlements
Geoffrey T. Boisiformer Vice Chairman, JPMorgan Chase, New York, NY
E. Gerald CorriganManaging Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co., New York, NY; former President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Jamie DimonPresident and Chief Operating Officer, JPMorgan Chase, New York, NY
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, Washington, DC
Stanley FischerGovernor of the Bank of Israel, Jerusalem; former President, Citigroup International and Vice Chairman, Citgroup, New York, NY; former First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Richard W. FisherPresident and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Dallas, TX; former U.S. Deputy Trade Representative
Michael KleinChief Executive Officer, Global Banking, Citigroup Inc.; Vice Chairman, Citibank International PLC; New York, NY
*Sir Deryck C. Maughanformer Vice Chairman, Citigroup, New York, NY
Jay MazurPresident Emeritus, UNITE (Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees); Vice Chairman, Amalgamated Bank of New York; and President, ILGWU's 21st Century Heritage Foundation, New York, NY
Hugh L. McColl, Jr.Chairman, McColl Brothers Lockwood, Charlotte, NC; former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bank of America Corporation
Robert S. McNamaraLifetime Trustee, Trilateral Commission, Washington, DC; former President, World Bank; former U.S. Secretary of Defense; former President, Ford Motor Company.
Kenneth RogoffProfessor of Economics and Director, Center for International Development, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; former Chief Economist and Director, Research Department, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC
John ThainChief Executive Officer, New York Stock Exchange, Inc.; former President and Co-Chief Operating Officer, Goldman Sachs & Co., New York, NY
Lawrence H. SummersPresident, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; former U.S. Secretary of  the Treasury
Press Related
David G. BradleyChairman, Atlantic Media Company, Washington, DC
David GergenProfessor of Public Service, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; Editor-at-Large, U.S. News and World Report
Donald E. GrahamChairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Washington Post Company, Washington, DC
Karen Elliott HouseSenior Vice President, Dow Jones & Company, and Publisher, The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY
Gerald M. LevinChief Executive Officer Emeritus, AOL Time Warner, Inc., New York, NY
Fareed ZakariaEditor, Newsweek International, New York, NY
Mortimer B. ZuckermanChairman and Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News &  World Report, New York, NY
Labor Related
Sandra FeldmanPresident Emeritus, American Federation of Teachers, Washington, DC
John J. SweeneyPresident, AFL-CIO, Washington, DC
Intelligence Related
John M. DeutchInstitute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA; former Director of Central Intelligence; former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense
Henry A. KissingerChairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc., New York, NY; former U.S. Secretary of State; former U.S. Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
James B. SteinbergVice President and Director of the Foreign Policy Studies Program, The Brookings Institution, Washington, DC; former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor
William H. WebsterSenior Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP, Washington, DC; former U.S. Director of Central Intelligence; former Director, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation; former Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
Susan RiceSenior Fellow, Brookings Institution, Washington, DC; former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs; former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs, National Security Council
Richard A. Gephardtformer Member (D-MO), U.S. House of Representatives
Jim LeachMember (R-IA), U.S. House of Representatives
Charles B. RangelMember (D-NY), U.S. House of Representatives
John D. Rockefeller IVMember (D-WV), U.S. Senate
Dianne FeinsteinMember (D-CA), U.S. Senate
*Thomas S. FoleyPartner, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, Washington, DC; former U.S. Ambassador to Japan; former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (D-WA); North American Chairman, Trilateral Commission
Other Political
George H. W. BushPresident of the United States
William Jefferson ClintonPresident of the United States
Richard B. CheneyVice President of the United States
Paula J. DobrianskyU.S. Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs
Robert B. ZoellickFormer U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, U.S. Trade Representative
Madeleine K. AlbrightPrincipal, The Albright Group LLC, Washington, DC; former U.S. Secretary of State
C. Fred BergstenDirector, Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
William T. Coleman, Jr.Senior Partner and the Senior Counselor, O’Melveny & Myers, Washington, DC; former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Lynn DavisSenior Political Scientist, The RAND Corporation, Arlington, VA; former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security
Richard N. HaassPresident, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, NY; former Director, Policy Planning, U. S. Department of State; former Director of Foreign Policy Studies, The Brookings Institution
*Carla A. HillsChairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hills & Company, International Consultants, Washington, DC; former U.S. Trade Representative; former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Richard HolbrookeVice Chairman, Perseus LLC, New York, NY; Counselor, Council on Foreign Relations; former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; former Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany
Winston LordCo-Chairman of Overseeers and former Co-Chairman of the Board, International Rescue Committee, New York, NY; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; former U.S. Ambassador to China
*Joseph S. Nye, Jr.Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; former Dean, John F. Kennedy School of Government; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
Richard N. PerleResident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC; member and former Chairman, Defense Policy Board, U.S. Department of Defense; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy
Thomas R. PickeringSenior Vice President, International Relations, The Boeing Company, Arlington, VA; former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation, India, Israel, El Salvador, Nigeria, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the United Nations
Strobe TalbottPresident, The Brookings Institution, Washington, DC; former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
Ernesto ZedilloDirector, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Yale University, New Haven, CT; former President of Mexico [Ed . Note: not an American citizen]
David J. O'ReillyChairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chevron Corporation, San Ramon, CA

There are 12 other Trilateral Commission members (including David Rockefeller) on IIE's board of directors! Having established Trilateral influence (if not total domination), consider the following non-Commission IIE board members who might well be candidates for inclusion in the core of the global elite:
  • Chen Yuan - Governor, China Development Bank; former Deputy Governor, Peoples Bank of China.
  • Jacob A. Frenkel - Former governor of the Bank of Israel and former IMF economic counselor and director of research.
  • Maurice R. Greenberg - Chairman, American International Group.
  • David O'Reilly - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ChevronTexaco Corporation.
  • James W. Owens - Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar.
  • Lawrence H. Summers - President, Harvard University; former Secretary of the Treasury.

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*** I always end my posts on a positive note. If you understand what I am trying to say, you will know that I am optimistic. I covet Love and Light and health and happiness to the All. This post is a reflection of the actions we must face. Challenging the fear and their evil is the right thing to do. If we have the wisdom, we must use it to fight. Peaceful Non-Compliance. Trust in Your Love. Trust in the All.