05 September 2012

840 Hours: 35 Days: 5 Weeks: 1 Love

the Earth is a celestial living being. It's Life, which is ours as it's gift, is grand indeed. It is growing, changing, and sleeps not all at once, but in cycles and circles. the Earth is connected to the Sun, in all ways, truly connected; of the same matter. The changes in and on everything in our Solar System (and others), not just here on Earth, are constantly and continually happening. Our awareness of them happening is continually growing and the spiral is constricting by the moment.

"Oh Lord, will a mother ever mention something sweeter than the sound of her baby laughing?"

In the next 5 weeks (35 days), the stars will align in 1) ways, familiar ways 2) alignments of the highest repeated aligned in modern conscious history 3) all at once 4) again 5) and you are a part of It. You are doing this as we All are. You determine, not just your own involvement (you chose that eons ago, that is why you are here) but the levels of mercy and severity for that which you experience moments as a human that is now being. Listen to your sacred Heart for it has all the answers, for it Is the celestial manifestation of the All, within us. It cannot live without us. I love you. Om. Namaste.

"to laugh is to be in-joyment... the sacred vibration that connects us as the All." ~ JVR