24 January 2012

IT'S THE SUN STUPID! (Link to NASA "SOHO" Satellite Cameras) & its flying thru the Milky Way Galaxy, along with some other stuff...

Above is a video of our Sun from the last couple days (open in YouTube and watch in Fullscreen). I have watched our Sun for years via the SOHO satellite cameras and others from NASA. I have NEVER seen a "white out" like this. The Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the northern hemisphere of the Sun is super-massive. Mainstream media is reporting it is the largest in 7 years. Well, I have not been watching everyday for the last 7 years, but even if that is true. This is amazing. I checked the solar system orbit diagram and there is no planetary alignments that would/could trigger this. It HAS to be something else. What is it? Why is the Sun doing this? And if someone tells me that the Sun is not the reason for "global warming" or the current weather anomalies and earthquakes, I'm gonna slap you. Not YOU, but you know what I mean... here's a picture showing the last 4 days and 4 consecutive 6.0+ earthquakes. This is NOT good. This MUST be monitored. And we MUST be AWARE of this.

We have not come this far to be an ignorant, helpless race of carbon-based consumers. NO! I will not stand for it. We are capable, strong, spiritual beings that can take out lives into our own hands. We can have FORESIGHT and trust in ourselves. I know that all that we see and all that we use to make these decisions might be manipulated. We might be playing right into some sick game, but I know that we were born with good instincts and healthy intuition. When you know something in your HEART (yes, I am in a capitalization mood today) you just know it.

Above is a picture of what our solar system will look like on March 11th of this year. My cursor is positioned at where the Blue Kachina (Comet ELENIN ~ some say that stands for Extinction Level Event Nibiru/Nemesis Is Near) was located exactly one year from the day, March 11th, 2011. If the theory is correct, this is where the Red Kachina will be on 3/11/12, in direct alignment with Earth and the Sun.

So, if you read my previous blog entry entitled, "Women & Children First..." and you saw the picture for March 22nd, 2012 with an alignment of (possibly, the Red Kachina)>Earth>Mercury>Sun and how that correlates with the 188-day Earthquake cycle... AND the Spring Equinox, then we can put this all together and say March is going to be revelatory. To say the least... I hope we can see the truth. I hope we can make the necessary changes in our daily lives to be with the ones that matter most. Whether a Second Sun is coming to flip our world upside down and press the Reset button, or this is all just a figment of our collective imagination and a reflection of our consciousness ascension into another dimension, follow your heart.... follow your Anu. Follow the love energy that makes you wake up everyday with a reason to live and laugh and be human.

This is the greatest time to be alive. I love you all. Peace. ~ JVR