30 January 2012

CLICK HERE! to change your life... WEEK 3 starts

*This is a diagram of how the solar system looks today. Pretty cool alignments everywhere, eh?! I love it.

Today is the start of the 3rd week of my Bikram 30 Day Challenge. Technically, due to what I feel in hindsight was acute food poisoning, I missed my 12th day class. So, I went 11 classes in 11 days and not only rested on the 12th day, but received a deep tissue massage and infrared sauna treatment. It helped A TON! Yesterday I had a great class on Day 13 and am very ready to hit up the 430pm class today. Just because I missed a day does not deter me from continuing, but it did disappoint me for a moment. I felt foolish that I did not prepare well enough. My body was not ready for the onslaught of so much physical exertion with the same diet I was on while doing far less Bikram...

I have learned my lesson and adjusted accordingly. Let's just say that the first 11 days were like the first period of the hockey game that is this challenge. My mind is stronger. The body? By far stronger, especially after the most intense massage I have ever experienced. I was riving in pain, yet laughing and thanking Erin while she took my breath away at moments. As she pulled me back to the middle of the table, I knew that I was in this place for a reason... right place, right time no doubt.

As I lay under a tube-like contraption, sweating balls, I had a moment where I snapped into consciousness... "was I just sleeping? wait, no... how long has it been so far? I can breathe out of my nose completely now. yes!" and then this song came on...
I started to laugh... I was instantaneously transported back to the USS Ogden (LPD-5) and the nights I would have free time to myself. I would take my headphones and Incubus' "Morning View" cd out onto the Forecastle. I would lay down and marvel at the stars while floating in whatever ocean or sea we were in at the time. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, I remember having the epiphany of seeing a night sky so full of stars, more than I had ever seen while standing on land... I knew we were not alone. My heart fills with joy every time I hear this song or feel that feeling.

I left Spa & Etc. to pick up the Honda which was receiving a new seatbelt clasp so the Airbag light would shut off. Good thing there is nothing wrong with the airbag, I guess. I knew that it was okay that I missed my 12th day in the Bikram 30 Day challenge. The experience I just received was nearly as physically demanding as a Bikram class itself! I was sore yesterday from her masochistically genius hands, but a Bikram class evened everything out.

I feel better than ever today. I hope you do too. Here's to another 11 days and beyond!