20 January 2012


I really did NOT want to do this as an entry, especially only as the fourth of this new blog that I have been so blessed to have reached so many people with in so little time. That being said, it made me realize that this information needs to be put out there asap. As you can see in the picture above, the spring equinox (correct me if i am wrong) will bring a great alignment of the Sun>Mercury>Earth. This is also within the window of the 188-day pattern of massive Earthquakes. Some of which have shifted Earth's axis by many inches. Please see this video (objectively, this is not my video and no, I do not agree with all of it and do not know the original uploader personally or have any ties with her whatsoever ~ just using it as an informational tool) ~
Please note that I hinted at this and wrote about alignments and a possible binary dwarf star to our Sun before this video was made, so the pics below prove that I have further knowledge on the subject and am not just taking this lady's video as all my proof or information source, fwiw. This issue goes deep and it will be up to you whether you want to investigate more or not. Here you can see a couple Facebook posts of mine ~

Now, there is a light at the end of this tunnel! Be hopeful yet prepared and listen to this... there is NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. Why? How? After you showed me the alignment and video? Who are you foolin'? Right? Well, as you can see in the solar system diagram picture, Mercury is shielding the Earth from the Sun. This might be our saving grace as some theorize that Space is all magnetic. Some feel that all the planets are connected and also with the Sun. If its just our vibration, frequencies, and consciousness rising that is creating this, so be it, but if there is a heavy-mass object making its way to orbit through our solar system, namely a Dwarf (dead) Star that is our Sun's binary star... who knows what could happen. For more information about binary star systems (the norm in the known universe, as opposed to what we believe our Sun is, just a single star flying thru our galaxy) use keywords like - Hopi prophecy, Blue Kachina, Red Kachina, the great year, Nemesis, Tyche, and brown dwarf stars.

As you can see here for the last two axis shifts/megaquakes, Mother Earth was alone and vulnerable in orbit. Mercury is in between us and the Sun on 3/22, so could this be our protection?

Remember, love is the most powerful energy. We can make the choice every moment of our lives to sing love, to be love. Every moment I feel our awareness growing and consciousness expanding. Even if there is a dead star 3x the size of Jupiter about to make an orbit around our Sun that will cause a complete axis shift, I know that we are strong souls that believe in each other and foster love... especially in the times when we realize that nothing material really matters. Not money, not gold, not smartphones, not cars, nor clothes... just each other.

That being said, I might just take a lil 4-day weekend starting March 21st back to Wisco ;) In peace n pot,

JVR xoxoxox