06 February 2012

TOSS A BIG SALAD BOWL Sunday ~ The Final Day of the Bikram Challenge

I guess this is what 20 days gets me...
Thyme, basil, rosemary, marjoram, lavender flowers, fennel seeds, butter lettuce, baby spinach, radishes, cornichons, celery/carrot slaw, hemp oil, coconut vinegar. Then, some broccoli on the side with Pizza Port Chronic Ale BBQ Sauce and Dang!!! Spirulina Hot Sauce.

I was going to purchase another 1 or 3 month membership to Bikram yesterday, I really was, but after 20 days of the 30-Day challenge, my heart is not in it anymore. I physically feel amazing, but it has gotten to be just too much yoga. My schedule became dictated by when my yoga class was and its just so darn repetitive. It feels like a perfectly natural end to a great yoga cycle.

I am looking forward to not breathing the dirty Bikram air during the day time. I want to spend more time at the beach... ah, who am I kidding, I totally need to move down there. I love me my South Park, but gosh darn there's nothing like that ocean breeze.
OB Pier > shore
And for some reason I am not as enthusiastic about posting a somewhat-naked picture of myself on the web as I was last time. But oh well, I said I would and it is important to follow through with what you say. I need to go tanning asap.

So in hindsight, I would not recommend a 30-Day Bikram Challenge to new Bikram students, but if you've been practicing a while and have yet to do it, go for it. If you so choose to do one, you should be somewhat versed in the practice and be physically confident and competent for what you will be asked to endure because it was mentally exhausting. IMO, Bikram should be a MWF-type thiing or even once a week every Saturday morning or something... but everyone is different and that is what is great about Bikram, ANYONE can do it. I think a 20-day run at the challenge was good for where I am in my practice. I will continue yoga in whatever form fits for now and Bikram will always be part of my life somehow. I would love to just own a studio, run it, take a class here and there... now that I think of it, South Park doesn't have one anywhere near, hmmm....

As the NFL season ended, so did a great streak of Bikram yoga for me too end. It was trying, trying, and more trying... I pushed myself further than I had ever gone, I failed miserably, I conquered triumphantly, and I locked eyes with beauty. Not only did I make my body stronger, but my mind has benefitted substantially. I take all that I have learned and will cherish this springboard.

Enough with all this namaste talk, I'll leave you all with this one thought from my experience:  One class of Bikram yoga is more beneficial to you than watching every SuperBowl ever played. That's how I spent my SuperBowl Sunday 2012... CAMEL POSE for the wiiiiiiiiiiin, it's gooood.

may you find your own peace and pieces... JVR xo