(Words, sounds, emotions... all Vibrations affect WATER! This is a "happy" water molecule.)

Water can be happy, thus making YOU happy. Water is ALIVE. It has memory and YOU can make it a positive or negative thing for the vibrations you and your surroundings give off, water feels. Water FEELS.

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01 November 2012

BULLETPROOF COFFEE will change your life. Thank you Dave Asprey!

From the first moment I tasted "coffee," I hated coffee. Someone gave me a poisonous concoction at a bowling alley when I was 11 or so. Fake sugar, fake cream, and probably Folger's in my cup. I was traumatized for years. Then I started smoking cigarettes. Then I started drinking coffee again to compliment the smokes... I then took it just black, of course. Still, I only did it for social reasons. It meant nothing to me except that I looked cool (yeah, right).

Fast forward a dozen or so years... I stumbled upon this man, Dave Asprey. I will let you make your own mind up about him, but let me tell you about "his" coffee. He calls it "Bulletproof Coffee" (BPC) and I FUCKING LOVE IT. I can probably see myself drinking this every day for the rest of my life. Dead serious. I makes me feel so good, I cannot even explain it. It tastes sooooo good. I'll tell you why in a second, but you have to understand the whole "Bulletproof" philosophy first to fully understand the importance of the BPC... even if you do not read any further, I feel my job is done here. Go to his website, twitter, and "newspaper" and read and read and read, over and over and over again... then start drinking BPC ~ ~  ~ Upgraded Self News at

First, take the best quality coffee you can find (check his website for the details, it is VERY important and specific... keep searching, usually it takes a while to find what is considered Bulletproof, unless you immediately buy Asprey's coffee from his website which is hella expensive. Probably worth it, but still, its like everything in the Bulletproof world, you can work your way up to the best if you're working within a strict budget)... add the best butter you can find (Grass-fed is the key here; Kerrygold is Irish grass-fed butter than I've been told you can even find at Walmart. Probably the most widely distributed of the sort, but strive to find local, organic, grass-fed butter from local farmers)... add MCT oil/Coconut oil. MCT is short for "medium chain triglycerides" and Asprey sells a form of concentrated oil (you can find other brands on Amazon/Ebay of course) in which the MCTs are taken out of the Coconut (or Palm kernel) oil, so it is 6x the potency of Coconut oil (coconut oil is about 66% MCTs)...

So you start your day with around a 20 ounce drink of 16oz coffee, 2 T of butter and 3 T of coconut oil... FAT FAT FAT!!! but GOOD fats and a touch of antioxidants and caffeine to get your system going and stable energy flowing through your body for hours.

Trust me, I cannot do this justice. I do not have the science and details that Asprey gives away on his website(s). Go there, do the homework and you'll see. I'm seeing changes in my performance, physical appearance, and how I think and feel already and its been barely 2 weeks on BPC... I have started incorporating BP diet habits into my eating and I love them just the same. It is a shock to our minds because it is so different from what mainstream America has said about food, diet, and life, but it feels SO RIGHT.

Take the bait and see what you feel... dont think too much, eh? Let me know in the COMMENTS section. Thanks to All.