30 January 2012

CLICK HERE! to change your life... WEEK 3 starts

*This is a diagram of how the solar system looks today. Pretty cool alignments everywhere, eh?! I love it.

Today is the start of the 3rd week of my Bikram 30 Day Challenge. Technically, due to what I feel in hindsight was acute food poisoning, I missed my 12th day class. So, I went 11 classes in 11 days and not only rested on the 12th day, but received a deep tissue massage and infrared sauna treatment. It helped A TON! Yesterday I had a great class on Day 13 and am very ready to hit up the 430pm class today. Just because I missed a day does not deter me from continuing, but it did disappoint me for a moment. I felt foolish that I did not prepare well enough. My body was not ready for the onslaught of so much physical exertion with the same diet I was on while doing far less Bikram...

I have learned my lesson and adjusted accordingly. Let's just say that the first 11 days were like the first period of the hockey game that is this challenge. My mind is stronger. The body? By far stronger, especially after the most intense massage I have ever experienced. I was riving in pain, yet laughing and thanking Erin while she took my breath away at moments. As she pulled me back to the middle of the table, I knew that I was in this place for a reason... right place, right time no doubt.

As I lay under a tube-like contraption, sweating balls, I had a moment where I snapped into consciousness... "was I just sleeping? wait, no... how long has it been so far? I can breathe out of my nose completely now. yes!" and then this song came on...
I started to laugh... I was instantaneously transported back to the USS Ogden (LPD-5) and the nights I would have free time to myself. I would take my headphones and Incubus' "Morning View" cd out onto the Forecastle. I would lay down and marvel at the stars while floating in whatever ocean or sea we were in at the time. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, I remember having the epiphany of seeing a night sky so full of stars, more than I had ever seen while standing on land... I knew we were not alone. My heart fills with joy every time I hear this song or feel that feeling.

I left Spa & Etc. to pick up the Honda which was receiving a new seatbelt clasp so the Airbag light would shut off. Good thing there is nothing wrong with the airbag, I guess. I knew that it was okay that I missed my 12th day in the Bikram 30 Day challenge. The experience I just received was nearly as physically demanding as a Bikram class itself! I was sore yesterday from her masochistically genius hands, but a Bikram class evened everything out.

I feel better than ever today. I hope you do too. Here's to another 11 days and beyond!


24 January 2012

IT'S THE SUN STUPID! (Link to NASA "SOHO" Satellite Cameras) & its flying thru the Milky Way Galaxy, along with some other stuff...

Above is a video of our Sun from the last couple days (open in YouTube and watch in Fullscreen). I have watched our Sun for years via the SOHO satellite cameras and others from NASA. I have NEVER seen a "white out" like this. The Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the northern hemisphere of the Sun is super-massive. Mainstream media is reporting it is the largest in 7 years. Well, I have not been watching everyday for the last 7 years, but even if that is true. This is amazing. I checked the solar system orbit diagram and there is no planetary alignments that would/could trigger this. It HAS to be something else. What is it? Why is the Sun doing this? And if someone tells me that the Sun is not the reason for "global warming" or the current weather anomalies and earthquakes, I'm gonna slap you. Not YOU, but you know what I mean... here's a picture showing the last 4 days and 4 consecutive 6.0+ earthquakes. This is NOT good. This MUST be monitored. And we MUST be AWARE of this.

We have not come this far to be an ignorant, helpless race of carbon-based consumers. NO! I will not stand for it. We are capable, strong, spiritual beings that can take out lives into our own hands. We can have FORESIGHT and trust in ourselves. I know that all that we see and all that we use to make these decisions might be manipulated. We might be playing right into some sick game, but I know that we were born with good instincts and healthy intuition. When you know something in your HEART (yes, I am in a capitalization mood today) you just know it.

Above is a picture of what our solar system will look like on March 11th of this year. My cursor is positioned at where the Blue Kachina (Comet ELENIN ~ some say that stands for Extinction Level Event Nibiru/Nemesis Is Near) was located exactly one year from the day, March 11th, 2011. If the theory is correct, this is where the Red Kachina will be on 3/11/12, in direct alignment with Earth and the Sun.

So, if you read my previous blog entry entitled, "Women & Children First..." and you saw the picture for March 22nd, 2012 with an alignment of (possibly, the Red Kachina)>Earth>Mercury>Sun and how that correlates with the 188-day Earthquake cycle... AND the Spring Equinox, then we can put this all together and say March is going to be revelatory. To say the least... I hope we can see the truth. I hope we can make the necessary changes in our daily lives to be with the ones that matter most. Whether a Second Sun is coming to flip our world upside down and press the Reset button, or this is all just a figment of our collective imagination and a reflection of our consciousness ascension into another dimension, follow your heart.... follow your Anu. Follow the love energy that makes you wake up everyday with a reason to live and laugh and be human.

This is the greatest time to be alive. I love you all. Peace. ~ JVR

23 January 2012


Before my decision to do the Bikram 30-Day challenge last Monday, I had only done two consecutive classes in two consecutive days at the most. I have been practicing on & off since 2002/2003 abouts, but my mind never felt strong enough to make the decision to go further than what I thought was tough enough already. I am so thankful that something inside of me has pushed for all these years to help me maintain a practice and/or curiosity to stay with and keep coming back to Bikram.

These past 7 days have been a blur of emotions, up & down, and all around. I have hit lower points in my practice this week than I had in years (Day 3 was the biggest challenge) and higher points than ever too (last night's Standing Bow Pulling pose was other worldly... and I almost fainted I fell so deep into it, I started laughing it was so crazy).

The picture above is not me, but that's the pose I had most fun with. I can say humbly enough that my deepest point of this pose was deeper than this Gentleman is doing, so I pat myself on the back for that one. Also, Camel pose is just something else too. When you can do it and breathe and push yourself under the circumstances, it invigorates your soul to a point where you just cannot explain it. Transcendent.

My legs feel stronger than EVER before. "Lock the knee, lock the knee, lock the kneeeeeee.... and change." And I can feel my feet changing and evolving. I have always had problems with my feet and calf muscles cramping up, but not much more at all now. I still have issues with my back. As you can see from poses like the Camel pose above, the lower back is of main focus for a lot of the Bikram class. I take precautions in and out of class to support my back. Its a DAILY thing that keeps changing and evolving but its my back and with kids gloves, (I think and hope) its getting stronger... or at least not worse than it already is. Thanks US Navy...

Day 8 is here. I have a feeling that Week 2 is going to be pretty much like Week 1. Starts off fine, but by Wednesday I'm going to want to runaway and hide... then by Saturday I'll feel like a zillion bucks. I must say though, it feels like its consuming a lot of time... A LOT OF TIME. Like, all I do or think of is eating enough to maintain energy, then NOT eating for about 2.5 hours before class (whenever that may be, I cannot pick a time to save a squirrel's life) and then class>then recovery and sleep. Even if I do not make 30 days, whatever may happen, I know I cannot do Bikram every day as a part of my lifestyle. I could see M-W-F no doubt, hands down for sure. But that's a long time from now...

Happy Yoga Monday everyone! "Yogi, fight on! Brothers, sisters roll! Sunlight, ride on! Let's ride on, ride on, ride on!"


20 January 2012


I really did NOT want to do this as an entry, especially only as the fourth of this new blog that I have been so blessed to have reached so many people with in so little time. That being said, it made me realize that this information needs to be put out there asap. As you can see in the picture above, the spring equinox (correct me if i am wrong) will bring a great alignment of the Sun>Mercury>Earth. This is also within the window of the 188-day pattern of massive Earthquakes. Some of which have shifted Earth's axis by many inches. Please see this video (objectively, this is not my video and no, I do not agree with all of it and do not know the original uploader personally or have any ties with her whatsoever ~ just using it as an informational tool) ~
Please note that I hinted at this and wrote about alignments and a possible binary dwarf star to our Sun before this video was made, so the pics below prove that I have further knowledge on the subject and am not just taking this lady's video as all my proof or information source, fwiw. This issue goes deep and it will be up to you whether you want to investigate more or not. Here you can see a couple Facebook posts of mine ~

Now, there is a light at the end of this tunnel! Be hopeful yet prepared and listen to this... there is NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. Why? How? After you showed me the alignment and video? Who are you foolin'? Right? Well, as you can see in the solar system diagram picture, Mercury is shielding the Earth from the Sun. This might be our saving grace as some theorize that Space is all magnetic. Some feel that all the planets are connected and also with the Sun. If its just our vibration, frequencies, and consciousness rising that is creating this, so be it, but if there is a heavy-mass object making its way to orbit through our solar system, namely a Dwarf (dead) Star that is our Sun's binary star... who knows what could happen. For more information about binary star systems (the norm in the known universe, as opposed to what we believe our Sun is, just a single star flying thru our galaxy) use keywords like - Hopi prophecy, Blue Kachina, Red Kachina, the great year, Nemesis, Tyche, and brown dwarf stars.

As you can see here for the last two axis shifts/megaquakes, Mother Earth was alone and vulnerable in orbit. Mercury is in between us and the Sun on 3/22, so could this be our protection?

Remember, love is the most powerful energy. We can make the choice every moment of our lives to sing love, to be love. Every moment I feel our awareness growing and consciousness expanding. Even if there is a dead star 3x the size of Jupiter about to make an orbit around our Sun that will cause a complete axis shift, I know that we are strong souls that believe in each other and foster love... especially in the times when we realize that nothing material really matters. Not money, not gold, not smartphones, not cars, nor clothes... just each other.

That being said, I might just take a lil 4-day weekend starting March 21st back to Wisco ;) In peace n pot,

JVR xoxoxox

18 January 2012

YOLK OVER HERE! ITS ALL THE RAGE... (click this link for facts and references)

For anyone out there that loves eggs, this is for you! Did you know that poaching eggs is the healthiest way to eat them next to crackin' open one of those suckers and downing it raw? Which you can do btw, you will not get salmonella poisoning. You know how I know? Cookie dough... you know you've eaten that stuff a bunch of times. Its all sneaky and fun cuz you were not supposed to when Mom was making cookies, right? No, it was because she worked her ass off all week to pay for the cookie dough and she wanted some chocolate chip cookies you little cookie dough monster!

Holla at me Austin! Vital Farms of Austin, Tejas is the jam. Thanks for doing it right. You have the best "mainstream" eggs in the country. When I do not have enough Federal Reserve Monetary Credits in my account to help out my local farmers at the market, I get these Pasture-Raised, and I capitalize this term because it is VERY important; these Hens are happy and clean-fed vegetation only. I am not promoting Whole Foods here, but they do sell Vital Farms' eggs for a lower-than-you'd expect price. If you cannot afford or attend a local Farmer's Market that sells local eggs, this is the national standard. Check the video:

Check those stats right there^^^!!! Add 2 poached eggs of nearly 120 calories and 12 grams of protein and bam, you're pooping muscles you got so many! My wish for today (apart from everyone in Congress waking up and testifying that they help make sure the internet is a free and fair medium of communication like it is now... for the most part ~ check for the easiest way to find you local Representatives), is for you to help hens run around and lay fat eggs while giving your body magical powers by buying local, organic, pasture-raised eggs (Vital Farms or something close if you cannot to go a local FM, good luck!) and Bob's dry beans. Dry beans do not lose nearly as much as pre-cooked canned beans, plus, you do not have to worry about BPA-lined aluminum cans messing with your feelings, err, hormones or whatever that nasty shit does to our bodies. Just don't ingest it for any reason.

Eggs, beans, and veggies are compatible with Adobo-type seasoning. Its easy with low salt/high flavor as well. Those Eastern-type seasonings are also good anti-oxidants. Cheap too. Get your grub on clean and lean and deliciously holistic. All is flowing in the right direction today... hope you have a nice ride on this wave. Let's keep it rollin'! 


17 January 2012

You Will Blindly Follow Me? the Naked Truth & the Bikram 30-Day Challenge...

How do you like my old suit? It was custom tailored... one of a kind! I have to wear it every single day. Sometimes I get sick of it, sometimes it looks down right sexy. Sometimes I neglect it, but now I am really taking care of it. You have one too, right?

I am posting this for the world to see because I have started the 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge. After last night's wonderful class, the answer popped into my head, "yes, I can do this everyday now." And so it goes, I will try my best to do the most disciplined thing I can do this side of military bootcamp.

I am posting my body picture to contrast how 30 days of Bikram changes it. I am NOT weighing myself as I am not concerned about pounds at all. I believe that unless you are morbidly obese, the number of pounds you carry is not the measuring stick for health. How do you feel? How do your clothes fit? Listen to your body, it speaks to you and does not lie. Currently, I have no idea how much I weigh, but I do know I feel as healthy as ever. I hope this is a topic that most can relate with because I have struggled with my weight and body image since grade school. Not only does Bikram Yoga make my body feel strong and leaner than ever before, but it has helped me shed the fear and doubting mechanisms that had previously haunted me. I do not care anymore what anyone thinks of my body. It is mine and I am the one who has to live in it.

That being said, I will be posting updates along the way and another picture on the morning of Day 31. I will not be doing a class-by-class thing because it will infringe on the other great things we could be talking about and learning from each other. If there are any major changes, slip-ups, or epiphanies along the way I'll be sure to document them along with the weekly run-thru summaries. I will also be posting summaries of what I eat just to keep me honest. I'll tell you right now though, no matter what kind of burritos, pizza, or other non-essential goodies get devoured on top of my usual diet, I start everyday with a Hemp smoothie containing hemp protein powder, hemp milk, coconut milk (sometimes), hemp oil, coconut oil, cinnamon, peanut butter (sometimes), and various leafy greens, veggies, and low-glycemic index fruits like cranberries or pineapple. Also, I take a fish oil supplement everyday mainly for the Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA which is an Omega-3 fatty acid and a primary structural component of the human brain and retina. It is only found in algae or the fish that eat said algae. This is the product I use and it is amazing!

Here is a finished 30-Day Challenge blog ~ ~ if you want to get an idea for what someone goes thru during this time. Its a long read, but the first couple paragraphs have good info. I hope I inspire myself even more to let go and dive deeper... maybe some will follow.

"One step closer to hitting bottom," he whispers with a cheshire grin... JVR

*more links to "smoothie" ingredients:
~ here's the best deal for Hemp Powder on the market bar none (trust me i've gone thru a lot of different brands/deals) - 

~ Hemp milk! the Original Unsweetened is obviously the healthiest, but the Chocolate is the tastiest! ;)

16 January 2012

Corsages & Boutonnieres...

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I intend to be a space of freedom for anu. I truly had not dreamt of publishing this. Now, i find it funny and unusually completely natural that I be posting this picture and thanking the girl standing on the far-right in the black dress for giving me that final nudge I needed to make this a reality. IT'S CRAZY! right? right? but no, seriously it is. And now, how i look at everything that has ever happened, how I am me and how you are you. We are all imaginations of ourselves. We are surviving bloodlines thru the generations and generations after generations. For all we have lived through and all the possible moments that we can imagine lay ahead. The only thing I can say at this very moment is that I am alive and this is the only thing that exists... this moment, now. Good thing about this moment now is that it is all the previous moments, all the possible moments, and all the impossible moments rolled into one. Its called eternity, or sempiternity as it is commonly known ;) ...and be Love, and be Love.

Without her existence, I would not be occupying this moment for which I am in right now. This is not to diminish the importance of all my family and dear friends who are much closer to me personally, than she is, but the timing, unexpectedness, and weight of her request for me to start a blog was so precise and perfect, I cannot help but marvel at the meaning her intent has borne in my life. She was the only one to say what she said to me. Maybe not the only one to believe it themselves, but the only one to take action. This is a version, right now, of a part of the story, back then, of how this space of my love and reflections came into existence... thanks, JB.

I got the Facebook message from her on the night I returned back home for a funeral. RIP Chuckie...

She is the current author of a site that soothes the soul's sweet tooth, MemoirsFromMorocco. Jaime and I met during the Indian Summer of 1996. She was a friend of a girl that my best friend was trying to "go out with." He succeeded and we had some good times as a circle of friends. During that year especially, we were at some of the same parties, concerts and classrooms, but during that time I am not sure we even had a conversation more than "hey." Not that there was anything wrong with our non-relationship in high school... we were more or less just acquaintances.

Thru the years, heaps 'n heaps came and went, loves and losses, money bought and spent... you know, life. The next time she was on my radar, we were both in California. Being from a 'nowhere-esque Midwestern city, I always kept an eye out for new Californians from "back home" - it became quite easy to do so with the invention of a website named The Facebook. She was in Los Angeles, I in San Diego. She actually started a Kenoshans in Cali FB page way back in the day, I do believe. Nothing more transpired other than noticing her posts from time to time. The extent of our communication might have been one or two "Likes" over a span of years.

That changed a bit when she up and moved to Morocco. She became a devout Muslim and followed her heart. It was shocking and inspiring to me. Around this time I was going thru a metamorph-gnosis myself. I decided to end my enlistment with the United States Navy and become a full-time college student using my GI Bill. I took the chance, which my wife supported, but the transition back to civilian life from 8 years in the military was extremely hard on us. After five years of a solid and loving relationship, not only was it now in a new and uncertain stage, but we were grown a bit, I was world-traveled, twice to the Persian Gulf and I had woken up from the mental haze of "haze grey and underway" military lifestyles/mindcontrol. I had a new perspective on the world and politics that she could never identify with. She was a college graduate with a full-time job and that was a first for us too. I had months of terminal leave and time off before my classes started. Our lives were turned upside down. Within 14 months, we were in marriage counseling, trying to save what we once had...

During the two years since, I have let go of even more. So much... so so so much. It has been addition by subtraction. Shedding the societal skin of indoctrination, airwave and brainwave manipulation. Religion, tradition, guilt, expectations, fears and hopes... truths of those you thought you knew and lies you thought you would never tell yourself again. I have learned the material world truly is a lie. The less stuff I have in my life, the more room I have for peace and happiness. It is all in our minds.

I was introduced to the Pineal Gland in a Bio Psych class during my studies at San Diego City College. It was an 8-week summer course and the only reason I passed the class was that I wrote my Final on the relationship between Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids in the diet and Dyslexia, which my professor had confessed she had suffered from as a child. That paper still seems too advanced for me to have been the writer, but I wanted to prove it to her. Also, it had a strong hand in raising my curiosity about essential aminos, Omega 3-6-9, and other nutritional details that I had previously ignored. After her private lessons and my own research, I have come to a conclusion that the Pineal Gland truly is our Third Eye. I will not get into specifics as the research is not very traditional due to the subject's complexity and/or esoteric importance, thus the real knowledge, striking and vast, is being withheld from public forum.

Please do your own research and come up with your own belief. I bring this tiny gland up because it is a symbol of my faith. I have an unwavering faith in myself, my love, and the people in my life that love me. It is a symbol of strength yet fragility, knowledge yet mystery, desire yet spirituality...

On the eve of the infamous year 2012, I flew into Billy MitchelI still a bit in shock from the recent news. I opted to spend my NYE at home. A year previous, I was hootin 'n hollerin' with the Black Keys at The Aragon in Chicago in the midst of a brief affair of Michigan Ave stature... what a difference a, you know, that period of collective days that billions of humans call a "year," makes... But I was happier 16 days ago than I was 381 days ago and all because of the wisdom obtained from following my heart. The heart is a creator who leads with a foe named the mind that refuses to follow...

After a week I will never forget, for good, bad, and everything in between, I returned to this warm tokus of a city located in the ass-end corner of America only to find that I had a lot of work to do. I owe so much to everyone I have met along my way. There is no time to waste on NOT giving back everything and more to the world! Not just your close-knit loves, but it is being part of the ether, the collective unconscious, the zeitgeist, the universe... consciousness itself.

I will be posting EVERYTHING I can without limitations. No fear cavalier. I will be making videos, sharing music, food recipes, quantum ideas, dreams, book readings, live streaming teach-ins, etc etc etc and I can only hope that it will do the same justice and bring the same joy to you, as it does to me.

Lastly, I must give tribute to the name, Born In the Call. I woke up on a certain comfy couch last week with a story in my Inbox. As I tried to peel myself up from the coziness (thanks Bunny) and the fact I was leaving my friends, I read a life-altering story. It was on the subject of pregnant women using Cannabis as an anti-nausea and anti-pain therapy. An extensive study that WILL change the way you look at "medications" during those prego months and beyond. Start here: ~ within the reading I came upon a term, "born in the caul" or born with the amnionic sac intact around the baby, namely the head. Ancient civilizations believed them to be god-sends with heightened spiritual powers.

I believe each one of us is a God-Send and we are evolving to reach our unlimited potential, not only as human beings, but spiritual beings passing thru the human experience. LOVENOW.