16 April 2012

YOU WILL FIND IT, BUT DO NOT LOOK FOR IT (TITLE LINK: Click Here - UFO revelations? Awakenings galor-ious or Black-Ops setting stage for False-Flag?)

This was not meant to be what it is going to be. Or I guess it probably was, but I was not aware that it was until just a few moments ago. Its going to get weird in here. I am going to post a plethora of new(ish) UFO disclosure videos. This is not 1994 America's Funniest Home Videos, okay? You will see things you have never seen. If you HAVE seen things like this before, maybe it will confirm your belief and get your opinion into the conversation... Or I guess it probably depends on how open you are to the idea that interstellar beings are revealing themselves to the human race through means of "channels" who post reports from the (for confusion's sake we'll just call them Aliens, like we always have) on blogs and/or YouTube videos. The most interesting in my opinion is the "Galactic Federation of Light" that encompasses many alien races and a lineup of individuals or "characters" who speak to us in eloquent prose and lofty promise. (click the Title link for a recent doozy if you're so inclined)

Is this first video fake or is this proof of either three possible things: 1) UFOs which are Alien crafts revealing themselves and seemingly having fun in our Water World's lower atmosphere? 2) NASA secret technology being tested and oops, they got caught on video... or 3) an extremely talented CGI artist who likes to upload obscure YT videos that not many actually watch.
Whether our opinion matters is debatable among anyone, but I know what I see in this video ^^^^^^^ and I have never seen anything quite like it. This video shows a gorgeous formation with an amateur videographer in a cussing awe...
Just from those two videos... wtf.

Check this shit.... and imagine a flight from NY to LA in an hour and a half... for free. And now would you believe there are underground and underSEA trains that go up to Mach 2 or roughly 1500 mph?
According to my understanding, there are a good handful of visitors to Earth. This next video is unique in its seemingly liquid or multi-dimensional form. I will refrain from describing what I see as to not mold a prejudice in you. Just watch these and craft your own idea.
Happy New Year Taiwan!!! "2012" comes around and setting fireworks off a building is what happens. I guess there's some meaning and history in this odd ritual... I wonder what the Visitors think?
You have to really focus on the middle of the screen on this one to see them, but its clear once you find them - the video consists of 1 shot of 1 min that plays twice -
As you can see, these videos are from different places all over Earth. It clearly begs the question: Is a real disclosure happening directly from friendly visitors to the good humans? Or is this the CIA/MI5/Mossad and other secret Govt agencies showing off their black technology to set the stage for a fake Alien invasion? The Alien Invasion would be the last card of the Illuminati. They play this card to unite the entire world's people in a interstellar threat that would, for the most part in terms of the "masses" - would allow a One World Government to not exist in the shadows, but to come out and say they are in-charge now because we have to fight the Aliens. Say goodbye to any resemblance to the life you once knew...

The Nazis followed the Sun Cult, or ancient Sun worship doctrines... they loved the Black Sun/Black Saturn and/or was it the Dead Star or 2nd Sun? Was Zechariah Sitchin right about a 2nd Sun that rides an elliptical orbit around/with our Sun, that includes a planet that houses the Annunaki race of beings? - Lets see if you can make this connection, if you please.

And I could go on and on, so I'll end with this "landing" video. It is the most eye-popping in my opinion and it shows a logo on the last closeup that looks familiar. (queue X-Files' theme music) If you've just skipped the videos and been reading, please watch this short clip below. Good times, good times...
Now remember, do your own research and make your own mind. This is meant to be a fire-starter and piece of work to help push others; if the desire is there there will be no opposition but a relay and more push and pull until the sculpture is recognizable.

THANK YOU for reading this on the 3 Month Anniversary of Born In The Call!!! Peace and Love to All,