18 January 2012

YOLK OVER HERE! ITS ALL THE RAGE... (click this link for facts and references)

For anyone out there that loves eggs, this is for you! Did you know that poaching eggs is the healthiest way to eat them next to crackin' open one of those suckers and downing it raw? Which you can do btw, you will not get salmonella poisoning. You know how I know? Cookie dough... you know you've eaten that stuff a bunch of times. Its all sneaky and fun cuz you were not supposed to when Mom was making cookies, right? No, it was because she worked her ass off all week to pay for the cookie dough and she wanted some chocolate chip cookies you little cookie dough monster!

Holla at me Austin! Vital Farms of Austin, Tejas is the jam. Thanks for doing it right. You have the best "mainstream" eggs in the country. When I do not have enough Federal Reserve Monetary Credits in my account to help out my local farmers at the market, I get these Pasture-Raised, and I capitalize this term because it is VERY important; these Hens are happy and clean-fed vegetation only. I am not promoting Whole Foods here, but they do sell Vital Farms' eggs for a lower-than-you'd expect price. If you cannot afford or attend a local Farmer's Market that sells local eggs, this is the national standard. Check the video:

Check those stats right there^^^!!! Add 2 poached eggs of nearly 120 calories and 12 grams of protein and bam, you're pooping muscles you got so many! My wish for today (apart from everyone in Congress waking up and testifying that they help make sure the internet is a free and fair medium of communication like it is now... for the most part ~ check for the easiest way to find you local Representatives), is for you to help hens run around and lay fat eggs while giving your body magical powers by buying local, organic, pasture-raised eggs (Vital Farms or something close if you cannot to go a local FM, good luck!) and Bob's dry beans. Dry beans do not lose nearly as much as pre-cooked canned beans, plus, you do not have to worry about BPA-lined aluminum cans messing with your feelings, err, hormones or whatever that nasty shit does to our bodies. Just don't ingest it for any reason.

Eggs, beans, and veggies are compatible with Adobo-type seasoning. Its easy with low salt/high flavor as well. Those Eastern-type seasonings are also good anti-oxidants. Cheap too. Get your grub on clean and lean and deliciously holistic. All is flowing in the right direction today... hope you have a nice ride on this wave. Let's keep it rollin'!