17 April 2012

HOPI PROPHECY Speech *EXTREMELY RARE* 1986 ~ ALL RACES_RELIGIONS_CREEDS ~ Svpreme Enlightenment for ALL (click here)

This speech made by a Hopi descendant will move you. It is deeply profound in indescribable ways that only you can understand for yourself. Please, after watching this, do what you feel is the best action you can take whether it be talking to your neighbor about it, sharing this page with a friend, researching more on your own and sharing your opinions on FB or more. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly. Thank you very much or "Kwakwhay" in Hopi...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Now, I have hit on this subject before, only briefly, mostly when Comet Elenin was passing by (Blue Kachina). The man who gave the speech above did not directly mention or say Kachinas. So, I am adding this video to show words from various Hopi sources. We will never truly understand the wisdom of oral teachings of the Hopi, for unless you live it can you understand it, even so, if I were to take collegiate-level courses in it for years, I could only THINK I understood it. I know that I know nothing and I am content with emptying my mind of all the think-I-know's and "intelligence" for what my (and many of my peers I gather) organic computer has been programmed to do since I was chosen to be part of this Grand Experience. The real wealth of wisdom and glory has been kept from the individual, thus the collective has been engulfed under many dark clouds. But the human will is the heart of love and though it fought against the powers that shouldnt be and if you make the choice for them not to, no longer be, it is nearing a harmonious balance of love within and without God Consciousness and the All will realize that Hu-man Being(s) have been, am, and will be eternal Love; that the species is... is a part of... and reflects Anu.
Wisdom and Peace are just as important disaster preparedness tools as is water filters and food. STOCK UP!