02 July 2012


UPDATE (9/18/2012):  This post about Sun Gazing is AWESOME. ~ It helped me and I hope it helps you. xo

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH: "DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THIS FOR ULTIMATE TRUTH" but I ask you to take from this what you will and decide for yourself what YOUR TRUTH really is. I hope this is as enlightening for you as it is for me, but all I know is MY experience. Nothing else... and even for myself, I can envision the end product of my Sun Gazing practice, but that as well is a constructed view from outside sources and past experiences that may or may not form a cohesive and truthful outcome for myself. I cannot say what the future will hold, but I can say what I intend it to be. So be it, so it is! (BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE... do you?)

The following information is what I have encountered and researched before I started my Sun Gazing practice. Take it slow and read/research EVERYTHING YOURSELF before even contemplating this practice for yourself. I do not bear any responsibility on the actions of any other individual after they read this. I struggled with how to or even should I post about this, but after getting positive responses from my closest family members and friends, I feel confident enough to share with the entire world. My heart jumps out of my chest when I think of how empowered each of us are and that we All are One... with each other, with the Earth, Moon, and stars... and especially our Sun. All energy on Earth is Sun energy originally... The Source. What we, the plants, the animals, and the Earth do with that energy is all secondary, tertiary, and so on. So? The question is: Can we go straight to the Sun for nourishment? Just add water and some sunshine... watch it grow. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Could this be the hidden wisdom that no evil power can thwart? Is this the key to open the door to the next dimension in humans' consciousness evolution? The answer to worldwide disease? The entrance into the Age of Aquarius where the world is flooded with enlightenment and peace? Our pineal glands swell with melatonin, serotonin, and DMT... we'll have one eye instead of three?

Sun Therapy practice guidelines for JVR as of 07/02/2012
  1. 0, 1, and 2 are safe UV Index for Sun Gazing, the closer to sunrise/sunset, the closer to zero you get the better. SAFETY FIRST
  2. within the first 45 mins after sunrise and the last 45mins before sunset are the ONLY times to practice
  3. "bare feet, bare earth" (soil, sand, or even gravel) is optimal
  4. start with 10 seconds and increase in 10 second intervals max per DAY until 44 minutes is reached (supposedly the maximum/full pineal gland activation) and then 5-15 minutes per day can be done safely for sustained levels
  5. only one gazing session per day is needed
  6. immediately after your time is up per gazing session, close your eyes and meditate until the image of the sun goes away (not nearly as long as you think, you'll probably be surprised like I was how fast its gone).
  7. in addition to gazing, Sun Bathing in 2-5 UV Index range is encouraged. 45 mins max for safety. individual preference may vary depending on skin type, UV strength, wind, etc.
  8. use a glass jar with clean water to set in the Sun's light for 24 hours ~ drink 3 cups of Sun Water every morning. personal preference on timing (before or after gazing) may vary. Sun Tea is also possible, adding numerous possibilities for flavor with Organic, Free-Trade tea (black tea is best for men, green for women).
  9. HAVE FUN as much as possible! exercise, sex, intimacy, healthy diet, communication/expression, and laughter are CRITICAL in a holistically healthy person. 
  10. eat mostly organic vegetables, alkaline water (, local/pasture-raised organic meat, organic beans, quinoa, & nuts with minimal fruit/sugar intake.
  11. Hemp (*PER DAY* --- as much milk, 1 T Hemp oil, 2 T seeds), Coconut (as much milk, 3 T oil), Chia (2 T seeds) (

Now, here are the sources of information from which I came up with the 11 guidelines for my Sun Gazing practice. As of this moment, I am about to sun gaze for 80 seconds. In combination with the "Warrior" fast described on (I do not endorse any product sold by the Onnit company) that i completed with my roommates about 3 weeks ago, Bikram yoga (as much as I can get to the closest studio), meditation, sun bathing, a mostly "paleo"-esque diet (see #10 above) and fun, I am feeling the best I have ever felt. And this is just the beginning of the best version of me that I have ever be conscious of... or the worst version depending on what perspective you are looking from, haha! I kid, I kid... (forever a child at heart, right? bah-dump ching!)

1) ^^^ The first thing I saw regarding Sun Gazing was this 2-part video of "HRM" (Hira Ratan Manek) giving a speech about his experience and his method. He is the most world-renowned sun gazer and has had numerous studies performed on him from universities to global partnership studies. He has been "caught" eating after he said he does not eat because he supposedly gets all his nourishment from the sun and water/tea/coffee/buttermilk, but he is VERY WISE, kind and I can nearly guarantee you will benefit from watching these two videos. When it comes down to anything, all that matters is that YOU are comfortable, healthy, and happy, so please, this is a long, slow process that in the Grand Scheme of things, is but a flashing glimpse... but this is the one that you cannot look away from, hehehe...

Do not, please, DO NOT try to "mirror" or copy anyone else. This is YOURS and yours alone to build/tear apart and create once again for yourself. It is a great starting point though because I know that in my mind, it did not take me long to find my own method and feel like I was on the right path. I would definitely say this is essential to anyone merely considering a new way to enlightenment via Sun Gazing, even though there are tons of videos out there (probably 10x more now that there was when I discovered it)

2) Here is a 6-year veteran of Sun Gazing in Costa Rica telling his version. He mentions HRM. He has a lot of great insight from a VERY simple and "beginner" point of view. Maybe the best homemade vid yet. Remember, take in all the information you can to make up your own mind and DO NOT trust anyone except YOURSELF. It is all up to you and your innate intuition. Listen to your heart, for realz. Here ya go:

3) the "official" Documentary of Sun Gazing... it's called "Eat The Sun" and its good, but for me, it left a lot on the table, but that's good because it give you incentive to go out and research on your own to make up your own mind. Its a fun watch regardless... here you go:
it follows quite different people in their quest for... whatever they're questing for... and it makes people question the fact that the Sun could be all that we need... except water of course (maybe that's why i wrote the song entitled, "The Sun Needs The Sea"!!?!?? Hey-!O! ...oh my. YouTube it if you care THAT much... smiley face icon... and its under the "Thujone10" channel.

4) Here is the second thing I saw and its a homemade video from a dude. Just a guy who got into sun gazing and is now studying at a Buddhist school. Seems light-hearted and sincere. Its a good, natural experience caught on record... Here you go ~ Part 1 (above) ~ Part 2 (below)

To finish...

All I can feel inside my heart is that this is the truth. This is something that we can All relate to and use. I believe I am a universe unto myself. A reflection of you. A reflection of the All. Eternal Light Beings we All are... is Jesus the Sun? I'd love to get into some human ancient texts together sometime, that'd be fun. But remember... no human being is responsible for writing THE SUN. The cosmos have no religion. This is FREE. No money needed, no religion, no NOTHING. Empty the mind and fill it with LIGHT!!!

The Sun gave birth to us. Why wouldn't it nurture us? Were we a mistake? Is this going to burn your eyes out? Is this all wrong and am I delusional? Is "enlightenment" literal and had by sun gazing? Or am I chasing a manufactured dream that places me in the land of insanity and eternal damnation? Any other questions you have a just and rightfully asked... but also ask yourself, what if this IS it? What if the Mayans knew we had the chance to share their ancient knowledge and thwart our demise in the winter of 2012? What if they knew that we could use this to enlighten ourselves, empower ourselves against the Darkness, and rise up into the 5th Dimension of Consciousness? Imagine a world of harmony. True liberty and peace within all souls that produced a level of peace that in the past, was only in dreams. Dreams come true. My intention is that I am living in harmony of my dreams and my will; each day is a reflection of eternity and I am eternally grateful for the love and light I have been given.

OM. Namaste.



  1. thanks a lot for the you tube video for eat the sun. it wasn't easy finding it. i can only say the same: it sounds amazing and it feels amazing. and for all those still wondering, yes, my eyes feel perfectly fine.
    on number 8 of the safe sun gazing guidelines it is important to note that you should not leave the glass jar in the sun for 24 hours it should in fact never be exposed to the moonlight. for charging the water 3-4 hours in the summer and 6-8 hours in the winter is enough to charge it than you should use it within 24 hours as it loses its charge after.
    One of the most useful website apart from HRM's one and for much more information see also the solution written by wayne purdin. Most if not all of his book you can find under

    1. Wow! Can't believe I'm just seeing this now. Thank you SO MUCH for your words! I am checking out the website you linked now. Thanks again!

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